You shouldn’t feel guilty about making a personal injury claim: here’s why


Filing for compensation in the US has recently received a lot of negative publicity on media, but does it mean you should feel guilty about suing for personal injury? The answer is no, you should not feel guilty about it at all because it’s your right to do so. It is true that some of the cases in highlight these days are not the best examples of a proper PI claim, but if you truly have a case, there is absolutely no reason why you should let such things that have no relation to you or your incident affect your decision to claim in any way. If you are still not sure about it, go through the following points to understand the actual situation as it is.

The Insurance Companies Want You to Feel Guilty

When someone claims for personal injury and wins it, it’s the insurance companies who usually have to compensate the grieving party and as you can guess, it’s not in their best interest if you sue. This is why a lot of the negative publicity we see these days about the western nations developing a “compensation culture” is sponsored and marketed by insurance companies to discourage people from making insurance claims. In other words, by not claiming what you are rightfully and legally entitled to, you are just helping the insurance companies make more profit, while you struggle to recover from the shock of the incident and the consequent monetary losses in medical bills.

You Are Not Drawing on the Financial Resources of the Guilty Party

In case you have been injured at work or due to the fault of someone you know well, it is common to feel guilty about filing a claim against them. The good news is that you are not really putting them in a personal financial jeopardy by doing so because the claim, if awarded to you, will be paid by their insurance company. If you are afraid that such a claim will jeopardize your position at your workplace, it won’t, because it’s illegal for any company to treat a grieving employee differently just because he/she has claimed what is rightfully theirs.

If You Don’t Claim, You Will Suffer Twice

Whatever your injuries are, they are likely causing you enough physical and mental stress as it is, but if you don’t make your personal injury claim in time, you will suffer the expensive medical bills and other associated costs as well. In other words, you would be suffering twice for something that is likely someone else’s fault.

By now, you can probably see why there is no reason to feel guilty about claiming for personal injury. Now, the most important part of laying that claim is determining how good your chances are of winning and what would be an appropriate amount to compensate for the damages caused to you. This is where you will need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney to guide you through the entire process. A piece of warning though; don’t let your misplaced guilt deter you from contacting a legal advisor for too long, because the window for filing a claim will not stay open forever.


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