How to backup your iPhone with iTunes and iCloud


In order to avoid the loss of vital information due to sudden phone crash, migrating from old devices to new one, or even upgrading to the latest iOS version, it is important to backup your iPhone device. iCloud and iTunes are the two tools to use for backing up your device. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive detail using both methods for backing up your data.

How to backup iPhone via iCloud

If you don’t have a Mac or PC, iCloud may be your best backing up option. Nowadays, 16GB iOS devices gradually going off the market which means people are likely to have lots of data backup on iCloud. iCloud automatically upload backup data to the cloud space when your device is powered, locked and connected to the Wi-Fi. By default, each iCloud account gets a free storage space of 5 GB, which means you’ll have to spend a small amount of money to purchase more storage space from Apple which can be up to 1TB which could be sufficient for your backup and other purposes.

Steps to backup your data via iCloud

1. Log in with Apple ID or apply for an iCloud account. Currently, iCloud offers 5GB of free storage, and if you have a lot of storage needs, you can pay for more storage space.

2. To enable and configure the iCloud backup function, find “iCloud” from the Settings menu.

3. Select the items you want to backup, including mail, contact information, memos, browsing history and more.

4. After the above steps have been selected, the page pulled to the bottom, select “Save & Backup”.

5. With iCloud Backup turned on, backups take place automatically on the Wi-Fi connection, or you can manually press Backup Now

iCloud always encrypts your backups and let you create and use backup from anywhere using Wi-Fi. If you sign in with another iOS device, you will be asked whether you want to backup or restore your data.

When you sign in to another iOS device with this iCloud account, you’ll be asked whether you want to restore from a backup.

How to backup iPhone via iTunes

Another better way to backup your iPhone data is via iTunes. It is free and allows you to do easy iPhone transfer to PC. Unlike iCloud, backing up via iTunes does not require an internet connection, but you will have to plug your iOS device to your Mac or PC and install iTunes if you don’t have the app on your device. Whenever you want to backup iPhone data, you will need to keep plugging your device to your Mac or PC.

Steps to backup your data via iTunes

1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC,

2. Open iTunes on your computer and select “This Computer” at the backup location

You may see a prompt requesting whether you trust this computer,click Trust. If the computer is shared with others, you can also check the box for “iPhone backup encryption”, set the exclusive password, to avoid the contents of the backup being used by others.

3. At the options under the page, you can choose the settings of the backup, such as “sync with this iPhone via Wi-Fi”, then press “Apply” and then “Backup Now”.

In the process of initial backup, you will be asked whether to synchronize backup App content. When the backup is completed, the last backup will be marked at the bottom of the latest backup. Click on the App page will see all the iPhone has installed the App and desktop, you can remove or organize.

iTunes always encrypts your backups and let you create and use backup from your PC. If you sign in with another iOS device, you will be asked whether you want to backup or restore your data. But iTunes will not allow you to sync free sources of music, book, video with computer; you can learn how to transfer videos to computer here.


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