How to plan and develop more effective marketing video ideas


If you intend to start using videos as part of your marketing strategy – great! The fact of the matter is that video is in a league of its own and is able to produce incredible results. However in order to get started you first need to be able to plan and develop effective marketing video ideas.

To ensure your marketing videos are effective, you should plan them methodically:

Set goals for your videos
Every marketing video that you plan to create should have a specific goal. That goal could be to generate traffic, increase brand exposure, promote a product, boost conversions, or something else entirely. By defining a goal you can then evaluate your ideas based on how they can achieve it – which will frame it in the context that matters most.

Define your target market
Just as it is important to know your goals, you also need to know your audience – especially the target market that you’re trying to reach with your videos. Try to define that market as accurately as possible, using demographics such as age, gender, location, interests, and other metrics to identify them. If you want you can even create profiles of individuals within your target market, and use them as test cases for your marketing videos.

Learn more about your audience
Once you know your goals and audience, you can learn more about them – and what they respond to. Carry out research to find out what types of marketing videos seem to be effective, what topics your target market may be interested in, and anything else that may be relevant.

Develop and fine tune ideas
Last but not least you should be ready to plan, develop and fine tune any ideas you may have for marketing videos. It is best to start with general ideas, evaluate them, and get rid of any that don’t fit – then develop the ones that remain. Along the way you may want to fine tune the ideas further, or discard some that don’t make the cut.

By following the structure outlined above, you should be able to plan and develop marketing video ideas that are relevant to your target market and your marketing goals. To record them however you may want to look into using screen recording – and if so, Movavi Screen Recorder will be a good place to start.

Using Movavi Screen Recorder you can easily record high quality videos directly from your screen and adjust all the recording parameters such as the capture area, audio source, sound levels, frame rate, and so on. By following the instructions at you will be able to create a wide range of content that is perfect for marketing.

Make no mistake you don’t need any prior experience to use Movavi Screen Recorder due to how intuitive and user-friendly it is. In short it will help you to create exactly the type of marketing videos that you need, without any hassle on your part.


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