Association Noosphere by Max Polyakov to host NASA Space Apps again in 2018


The NASA Space Apps Challenge enjoyed the support of Max Polyakov’s Association Noosphere and EOS in 2017, will take place in Ukraine again in 2018, thanks to their continued support. Amateur engineers, robotic hobbyists, engineering students, and other techies are very excited about the news and looking forward to next year’s competition.

Image credit: Nasa Space Apps Challenge via Facebook

The history of the space hackathon in Ukraine started in 2016, when Kyiv hosted the event for the first time. The next year, NASA Apps Space Challenge 2017 took place in Dnipro for the first time with the support of Max Polyakov’s Association Noosphere. Even though it was the first time the city took part in the event, enthusiasts were eager to be a part of the first round of the hackathon. So, developers, engineers, designers, analysts, Data Mining specialists, innovators, students, scientists and just space enthusiasts from all over the country joined the world hackathon community to solve real challenges of NASA experts. Participants developed innovative solutions using robotics, data visualization, and hardware tools, along with any other ideas that they could bring to their disposal. 12 Dnipro team competed for the main prize, an opportunity to watch the real rocket launch by NASA. The Spacer Team worked their way up to 8th place in global standings. Max Polyakov was excited by this achievement as it was only a dream for most of 25,000 competitors to be among the top 10 teams.

The scale of the NASA event was impressive. Reaching over 25,000 participants globally in 2017 across 69 countries and 187 locations, it promises to grow even more next year. Both participants and organizers are waiting for news on what the topics that the problems will focus on for next year with bated breath. They hope that results of their effort will be valuable and help to achieve the next cosmic exploration milestones.

Image credit: Nasa Space Apps Challenge via Facebook

Max Polyakov’s Association Noosphere established itself as recognized host of local and international tech events, including the FAI Drone Conf, BestRoboFest, Vernadsky Challenge, FAI World Championships for Space Models 2016, and others. The idea of Max Polaykov’s Noosphere is to encourage people to be more excited about advanced technologies, and foster a tech-centered ecosystem. The knowledge people get from these efforts should be applied to helping people in their daily lives and bring mankind to a higher level.


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