Top 3 camping spots in the United Kingdom


Camping in the UK is a great option as there are plenty of places to go and enjoy yourself with friends and family. You can camp in a variety of ways, with tents, RVs, cabins or in a hammock under the stars. But the best part about camping to some is getting out of the tent and venturing out on one of many trails parks offer.

Pyscodlyn Farm Caravan & Camping

If you’re looking to camp in a caravan then you should head out to Pyscodlyn Farm Caravan & Camping Site. This place offers camping for the whole family, even the family pet, as pets are allowed here and more than welcome. They also offer an extra field for tent camping if you would rather be more connected to the outdoors. Here there are plenty of places to hike, bike, run or just cook up some burgers on the stove. If you don’t have a good camping stove yet, check out OutsidePursuits for some ideas.

This camping area supplies toilets, showers and electric hookup sites for your caravan. There are 30 sites that supply you with 10 amps of electricity. If you’re here to stay for a long period of time they also supply laundry services! So if you’re looking to relax in a wooded area with friends, family or just alone then this is a great place for you.

Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park is a beautiful park located north of Plymouth with plenty of activities to be had. They offer hiking, camping, climbing, cycling and more! The types of camping they allow here include tent, backpack and motorhome.

There are designated spots for these different types, each offering beautiful views and a great weekend. After you’ve set up your campsite, or chosen where you would like to camp you can start indulging yourself in the activities! They offer short trails, medium trails or long trails for people who want to really push themselves. The cycling here has over 350 km of biking trails and roads to go on, off road and on road, but if cycling isn’t your thing then you can climb!

They offer bouldering, it’s a low level rock climbing type that is fun for everyone, and you do not have to climb to terribly high, and is great for younger people who want to start. After all that you can head back to your campsite and relax, in a comfortable camping chair while enjoying the cool UK air watching the sunset.

Lee Valley

Another fantastic park to visit in the UK is Lee Valley. It is located near Essex, UK. This park has plenty to offer such as fishing, camping, running, cycling and plenty more! The camping options here include but aren’t limited to tent and caravan camping. Each type offers different areas and activities but there are some both can do. If you want to start off your morning with a walk you can choose from over 30!

Some are Artworks Route One, Dragonfly Discovery Trail, Grasshopper Walk and many more! These hikes range from easy going walks for the family, to if you’re an athletic type looking for a challenge they have trails for you too! If you were more so looking to bring your bike and cycle along then they have that too!

Lee Valley offers plenty of cycling trails, again ranging from easy going family trails to rough trails made to challenge the most athletic people. Before the sun sets you can’t miss out on one of the parks nature walks! The wildlife here is beautiful, and if you’re lucky you might see a unique animal you may not ever see again. This park is truly a once in a lifetime experience for people looking to relax and just enjoy themselves.


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