The most important elements you should consider for the best kitchen ever


Having the best kitchen is not an impossible dream – even if you’re not an expert in kitchen design. It’s entirely doable if you know what you want and know what to prioritise. Are you planning to refurbish and renovate your existing kitchen or are building a new kitchen from the ground up? Here are the most important elements you should consider for the best kitchen ever.

The proper lighting

You may already know that having a good kitchen triangle is one of the keys to having a truly efficient kitchen, as confirmed by the kitchen experts from HKS, which has kitchen showrooms in Sussex for those residing in the area and its environs. The hob or cooker, sink, and refrigerator should be easily accessible to each other, with enough space for you to move around. But another aspect which you should pay attention to is the lighting. For this, think three kinds of lighting – general, task, and accent. General lighting is useful for lighting up your entire kitchen, whilst task lighting is for performing certain tasks such as cutting vegetables or baking. Accent lighting is essential for setting the mood and atmosphere, and it makes your kitchen look cosier and homier. Some tips: add lighting right above your main workspaces, and make use of attractive pendant lighting above your kitchen sink as well as a series of small pendant lights for your kitchen island or breakfast bar. Lighting under the cabinetry can be a good idea as well.

The backsplash

The sad fact is that many homeowners neglect to think of a backsplash. Whilst most other elements are easily taken into consideration, the backsplash is often forgotten. Even if you think you don’t have the budget for it, think of the convenience it affords – especially if you have to clean grease and dirt from above your hob or cooker and your kitchen counters. It’s a lot easier to get rid of oil splashes and smudges from backsplashes made from metal or tile than it is to clean grease or grime off wallpaper or paint.

The right ventilation

Another important element for any kitchen is the ventilation. You need to have proper ventilation if you don’t want your kitchen smelling of the food you cooked the night before. A fresh-smelling kitchen could be easily had with the right range hood, which allows air to circulate. With a good vent system, you can also improve the indoor air quality and make your kitchen easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, good ventilation helps prolong the lifespan of your kitchen appliances.

So, there you have it – some of the most important elements for any kitchen. Think carefully about incorporating these elements, and your kitchen will not only be efficient and practical, but more pleasant as well.


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