A list of the most important orthodontic components and supplies every orthodontist needs


When it comes to the dental profession, you have probably spent hours and hours and put in a lot of time and effort into honing and perfecting your craft – even more so if you have decided to go into orthodontics. This is a profession that requires a lot of training, but more than this, it requires a good eye for detail, patience and perseverance, and dedication. Whether you are just starting out with your craft or have already been in the profession for years, here’s a list of the most important orthodontic components and supplies you need.

Intra-oral mirrors

One of the most important supplies every orthodontist needs is intra-oral mirrors. There are three essential types of mirrors as well: pedo, side view, and adult. You should also make it a point to buy mirrors that don’t fog so you can take sharper and more focused photographs which show the entire set of teeth.

Lateral cheek retractors

Other essentials when it comes to orthodontic supplies are lateral cheek retractors, which allow you to visually access lateral photos which are taken with no mirror. Your patient can simply hold the lateral cheek retractors so that you can take a photo.

Occlusal photo retractors

Another important component is the occlusal photo retractor, which allows you to retract your patient’s lips in order to take maxillary and mandibular photos. You can get occlusal photo retractors which are double-sided, so they can be used for both adults and children as well.

Tray adhesive

Yet one more essential in an orthodontics practice is the tray adhesive, which is useful for retaining the alginate in your impression tray.

Impression tray

Impression trays (a complete and full set) are also needed for your practice, which will allow you to take both lower and upper impressions of your patients’ teeth, whether they’re adults or children. You should also make sure to buy the right kind of material for the impression which will work with your impression trays.

A digital camera

In order for you to take the right three extra-oral photographs along with five intra-oral photographs to add to your records, you should make an investment in a good digital camera. You can choose from a wide range of cameras nowadays which take clearer photos, and it doesn’t have to be too much of a burden on your pocket.

Other orthodontic supplies – supplies which can definitely help you with your practice – include diagnostic software or worksheets (for written records). While many orthodontists prefer paper worksheets and forms, more dentists and orthodontists are relying more on diagnostic software so that they can perform automatic, quick analyses and easily share their findings. But whatever you choose, make sure it works for whatever needs and preferences you have.


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