A list of the top benefits of braces for your health


You may already know that braces are great at straightening crooked teeth or helping close or seal gaps in between teeth. They’re great for those with overbites or under-bites, and braces are useful when it comes to improving confidence and giving a better sense of self-esteem. But what else do you know about braces, particularly when it comes to their benefits to your health? Here’s a list of the top benefits of braces to your overall health.

Avoid gum disease and tooth decay

When you have teeth that are misaligned, it’s not just their appearance and the aesthetics you have to worry about – it goes deeper than that, as the professionals in the American Braces Smile Center (visit the site at http://www.braces4yourlife.com) would tell you. The problem with crooked or crowded teeth is that they can result in cavities. With crooked or crowded teeth, for instance, the spaces between teeth are tight, and these are often referred to as “food traps”. When you have these, food can quickly accumulate in between the spaces and stay there even if you floss or brush or gargle. Eventually, this food debris can develop into plaque, which can result in cavities.
Additionally, having crooked or crowded teeth can make it difficult to floss, and if you don’t floss until the gum line, you can be at risk for the development of gum disease.

Stop the erosion of bones

Another health benefit of braces is that they can help prevent the erosion of bones. Your teeth’s placement can put a lot of pressure on your jaw bone, especially when you eat (chew) and speak. Although the pressure is essential for stimulating the growth of bones which hold the teeth in their place, if you have misaligned teeth, this can cause too much pressure on some teeth, and these teeth may, over time, erode. The right braces can make sure that the pressure on your jaw is balanced out so your bones stay healthy.

Speak better

When you speak, did you know that your speech is not just comprised of your voice, but also the movement of your tongue (especially against the top of the mouth)? Your teeth also help form sounds. If you have teeth that lie backwards or are pushed too much outwards, you may end up having problems with speaking such as a lisp. More often than not, children with speech issues are referred to orthodontists when it is found that their teeth are causing speech problems.

Overall, braces bring some tremendous benefits, which also include better digestion and improved nutrition and the prevention of injuries of a dental nature such as chipped or broken teeth. Once you decide to have them, you’re sure to feel these benefits right away.


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