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Dempsey Murphy is a New-York based graphic designer. Her passion for graphic design began early and entirely by accident; Dempsey initially pursued arts classes as a means of avoiding more strenuous and less enjoyable extra-curricular activities. It was during these classes that she first discovered her passion for art and design and before long had decided that she wanted to work in a creative field. Her initial enthusiasm was so great, and her experiences thus far so positive, that at the first opportunity Dempsey signed up for weekend classes in a variety of subjects, including marketing, photography, and graphic design.

Dempsey Murphy
Dempsey Murphy surrounded by some of her last designs.

New York is world renowned for the opportunities it offers students of the creative arts. In fact, Dempsey was lucky enough to spend some of her time at the illustrious Pratt Institute. You can read the full interview with Dempsey on the Design Rush website, or read on for a quick spotlight with her.

Her Work So Far

Dempsey’s website shows off her impressive portfolio and highlights the depth and breadth of her work. She has an acute eye for weaving popular culture into a bright and bold art style that varies from pop-art to digital collages. She demonstrates equally well that, while she undoubtedly has an impressive unique flair to her artwork, she is also capable of prioritizing function of aesthetics when necessary, at other times she blends to two in the way that only the most dedicated and talented of graphic designers can really pull off. She has previously produced high quality and easy to read infographics on several different subjects. Infographics are becoming an ever more popular way for websites and print media to summarize information. They are often now used to accompany news stories, allowing the reader to get a quick breakdown of the facts before reading the full article.

One of Dempsey’s preferred projects is custom snapchat filters. She sees these as a great way for businesses to have fun at organized events and detailed reporting from Snapchat themselves makes it really easy for hr to see which of her creations are the most popular.

The Creative Process

Dempsey prefers to play by her own rules when it comes to the process of creating her work. Considering her performance in more traditional art forms such as drawing to be lacking when put next to her computer skills she would often skip the first stage in most graphic designer’s processes; sketching the idea on paper, and go straight to the computer. She often uses digital collages, known as ‘mood boards’, using pictures from the internet in order to see what ideas work side by side and which don’t.


Dempsey is coy about her strongest inspirations but does cite the influence of her friends and family, as well as New York City itself, in her work. In true New York style, her portfolio encompasses a range of styles and genres.

Dempsey Murphy is a young and talented graphic designer who is showing promise beyond her years. Her work could easily pass for that of someone with twice as much experience in the industry and it is clear from listening to her being interviewed that she is an intelligent and articulate young woman who brings a careful, measured, and consistent approach to everything she does.


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