How to clean a washing machine


That washing machine we all have is one of those devices that we use so often and yet take for granted. And yes, it also just like us humans, enjoys a nice clean! So, how can we make sure that our hard working machines get to feel just like we do after a good old fashioned shower and clean up?

  • Like many other jobs, it’s not that hard at all really, all you have to do is pour two cups (470 ml) of vinegar or lemon juice into the washer when it is empty.
  • Then run the washing machine on its hottest temperature setting.
  • This will get rid of any grime which has built-up and unwanted odours, which have invited themselves into your faithful machine.

Regarding Moisture and Mildew

  • One great piece of advice is to remember to take a cloth and/or a small brush and wipe/scrub around the edge of the door, (if your machine is a front-loader), or around the rim at the top of the door, (if yours happens to be a top-loader type) Moisture easily gathers at such places and causes unwanted mildew to build up.
  • You can also try using a little bleach to make sure that mildew is eradicated in a fast and easy manner whilst cleaning your machine.
  • If your machine is in need of repair or you’re considering new water meter installation, get everything taken care of as soon as possible.

Say Farewell to Any Stains

  • If there are any dye stains on the inner part of your machine, try putting one cup (240 ml) of bleach in it and once again run it again (empty) on the highest heat setting possible, to say farewell to those stains.
  • Bleach will also do the job of killing any remaining mould or mildew.
  • Remember to stay clear of mixing of bleach with any other sorts of solvents or cleaners as you just might be formulating a toxic mix.
  • To get that machine fully cleaned out, you should also make sure to clean out any built in dispensers, such as the one which is used for fabric softeners.

Dealing with Any Rust

  • Rust can sometimes be found in some machines, and that’s even when a machine is well looked after.
  • You can purchase products to deal with matters of rust removal from home improvement centres.
  • However, if rust is indeed extensive, it might just be in need of some repair work or maybe even a new one.
  • Don’t forget, that after making use of vinegar, bleach, rust remover, or some other cleaning formulas, to run your machine one more time when empty to get rid of any residue.

Leave the Door Open

  • After every wash, make a habit of leaving the door open as this will let the machine dry out in between washes and prevents mildew.

And, if you can, don’t use fabric softeners as they can build up inside a machine making and make it more difficult to clean.


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