Setting up shop: Home décor and things to watch out for


You’ve planned out all the furniture, picked all the paint colours, planed the theme, all that’s left is for you to set up all that you have. But where do you start? New homeowners often become very eager to try out a theme they’ve always dreamt of having but in reality know very little in terms of setting it up. Sure, the practice of “how to hang a picture in a living room” isn’t exactly rocket science but there are some rules and tips that are often overlooked when it comes to decorating a home.

Complements and Contrasts

Magazine catalogs and interior design companies have a very complex grasp of house design. But all of it boils down to simple concepts such as complements and contrasts. For example, patterned home furnishings are often complemented by uniform textures so that they pop out. A great way to achieve this is having patterned couch covers over uniform textured couches. This will not only make your furniture pop out, but it will complement the colour scheme that each furniture piece has. The same concept can be used in dinner table setups, bathroom setups, wall painting and furniture arrangements.

Balance Cool and Warm

Colour is a major player in setting up the tone for your home. It is what separates a beach vacation house from a classy suburban apartment. Following the example of complements and contrasts, colour plays a large part in the mood you want to set up for your house. You could opt for a minimalistic approach, having monotone colours as a backdrop while having vibrant-coloured furniture and set pieces in your house making for an art deco aesthetic. Or you could go for the reverse in having vibrant colours on the walls while having monochrome-toned furniture. But with everything comes balance. Try to experiment with colour swatches to match when and where to use complementary and contrasting colours to make the room pop with personality.


One of the tougher parts of setting up a home is the proper placement of items. There are many factors to consider when it comes to placing pieces together to form what each room will be and what its purpose will be. One important way to separate rooms or areas is having dividers to segregate the sections of your home. This will not only bring the appearance of having multiple zones in the space but will also work as borders for your home which will let you start or end thematic combinations from one room to another. Remember not too have too much cluttered space filled with too many items by segregating them where similar items should be.

You’re now on your way to setting up the ideal home décor for your lovely home.


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