Reasons why everyone should be buying wine from Australia


Everyone loves to indulge in a good glass of wine from time to time. Whether it’s to compliment that lovely platter of cheese, to celebrate milestones, or simply to have as a wind down drink after a rough day at the office – it’s safe to say that this grape-y liquid goodness always goes down a treat no matter what the occasion is.

This classic alcoholic beverage, cherished by many, is sold in almost every country across the globe. There are a few key qualities about Australia’s that set it above other countries, including range, dedication, availability and the overall reputation they have when it comes to exportation. All of these are included and explained in more detail below.


As Best in Australia explains, the vast range that Australia has to offer is one of the main reasons why every man and their dog should be purchasing this classic alcoholic beverage from Down Under. From the fanciest bottle of Shiraz, to the not as fancy – but still does the trick – boxed up bag of wine, there’s a drink to satisfy everyone and any ones needs.

It’s made in pretty much every state across the country but the main areas of production are located in the southern states, such as New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. Here, the weather is cooler which is the most ideal environment for rich and plentiful vineyards.

Each of these states has different environmental influences (climates, soil types and topography) which provide Australia the ability to create different styles and varieties of the lovely liquor.

Dedication to the Cause

It isn’t a commonly known fact, but Australia doesn’t actually have any native grapes. They introduced a common grape vine from both South Africa and Europe between the 18th and 19th centuries, specifically to produce this type of beloved liquor. If that isn’t one of the most admirable forms of dedication to the drink, what is?

Makers of this decadent drink now use close to 130 different types of grapes in the production of this liquor. They’re constantly working to improve their products; finding new ways to achieve quality tasting results and this is just another reason why everyone should be purchasing they’re drinks from here.

Ability and Reputation in Exportation

Australia’s ability and willingness to export definitely comes as a huge benefit for lot of people – especially if those people have visited Australia previously and experienced the wonders of this liquor. It’s common for these people to want to be able to enjoy their wind down drink within the comforts of their own homes and Australia can definitely make this happen!

They’re unsurprisingly one of the worlds’ leading exporters in the industry, ranking in at fourth on the list. From sending it across the ditch for the neighbouring country of New Zealand, to sending wine to China, Australia has any liquor lover covered.


As it is so common and readily available, the price of this much loved drink in Australia is inexpensive and can sometimes go for less than a bottle of water. Often, the cheaper something is, the lower the quality but this is not the case in this instance!


On both national and international scales, the availability of this alcohol is a big thumbs up for a lot of people.

Those who reside within Australia will know that there is a bottle store in almost every suburb within cities all over the country. Closing times are usually around midnight for most places, meaning those who are finishing work late or are having a late night mid-life crisis can rest assured that their un-WINE-ding needs are going to be met!

Those living outside the country however, do not have to go without they’re grape-y goodness. A quick Google search will present a potential buyer with the large variety that the Australia has to offer. Most sites have the option to have it sent right to the customers’ front door and all they have to do is sign for it. So as mentioned, sending wine to China is no problem!

When you send gifts to China, or anywhere overseas, you need to ensure you check the customs laws before stocking up their online cart. It would be an awful shame to spend a bunch of cash on bulk packages just to have it all withheld at customs due to lack of knowledge.

If this article isn’t enough to convince buyers and other people that Australia has it all, order a bottle online or drop into the local bottle-o and let the wine do the talking!


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