What to do when your SEO just isn’t working


So you’ve just started to implement search engine optimisation yourself, or maybe you’ve hired a SEO company to help you out. It’s been a couple of months and you aren’t seeing the results you wanted.

Don’t think that maybe SEO doesn’t work for your company, have a look at the potential things that could be holding you back and act upon making it better.

Give it time

Today people are obsessed with that instant gratification, expecting something to happen immediately. Search engine optimisation works in the complete opposite way and requires a hefty dedication of time. You won’t see proper results if you’re only putting in ten minutes a day.

The process is also a lengthy and tedious one. You have to let your website grow before it can bloom.

You’re working with the wrong people

If you’re time is valuable you should look into hiring a third party like an SEO company to help create and maintain a strategy. This task shouldn’t be given to the lowest offering service either. Quality matters with SEO and any shortcuts or attempts to trick Google engineers will be penalised wasting potentially months of work.

Revamp your content

Just like in real life, the first impression means everything. If you have poorly written, unoriginal content on your website it can lead to penalisations from Google’s algorithm. It pretty much detects your website as spam or transparent and puts it lower in the search results.

Maintaining a high level of content for your website is a good starting point for any business.

Revisit your inbound linking strategy

Selling links to your website should not be a case of cheapest is best. If you have several bad links on multiple websites, the Google algorithm will penalise you again for conducting manipulative and spam behaviour.

You should be focusing on earning your inbound links through marketing quality content that your website creates. Any shortcuts will only hinder your website’s progression.

Test your website yourself

The first thing any SEO company will tell you is make sure your website is configured properly and is of high quality. Many people nowadays use their mobile phones more to access webpages than any other device. Google places websites that are mobile friendly higher than those that aren’t.

The response time of your website could also be a hindrance. If a page doesn’t load within a certain time frame users are more than likely to exit without reading anything. That could be hundreds of lost profits and clients for your business.

Do you have a blog?

A big helper that puts websites over others is the presence of a blog. For starters it updates your website at a frequent rate. This tells the bots that the website is being kept updated and it ranks it higher than others that update less frequently.

Blogs also create more content and generate a sense of trust with the algorithm. Once there is enough information and understands what your website is all about and trusts you, it will yield higher traffic numbers.

Keyword stuffing is a problem that a lot of businesses have as well where they abundantly use the same keyword over and over. Google’s algorithm can spot this and looks negatively upon it.

However blog posts are generally about one topic and are an excellent way to use keywords in an effective manner on your website.

In conclusion SEO takes time. You have to monitor everything carefully over a long period of time while keeping a high quality standard of work. If you really get stuck and don’t know where to turn to, a leading search engine optimisation company will be a god send. They know what to do and why things are happening the way they are.


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