All you need to know why metal blackening is more than a good idea


Should your company make metal parts or purchase them to build machinery, you can easily blacken them on your own grounds. The simplest and most affordable option for blackening ferrous metals like stainless steel, aluminium, iron, or copper is to simply purchase a blackening kit and then conduct the work on-site.

But what reasons are there, why so many businesses are blackening metal components? Let’s take a peek:

1.- Well, what exactly is Blackening?

The art of blacking is a process which is used for blackening metals, and whilst it can be carried out by various companies, if you produce metal parts or make machinery which uses them, it is cheaper to purchase a metal blackening kit and then do it yourself on-site. The process isn’t that difficult and all you have to do is immerse the components in the blackening chemical.

2.- Why Blacken?

There are many reasons for metal blacking, for use in factories or to give new metal products an aged look.

3.- Corrosion is Reduced

One huge reason to blacken metal parts is the large reduction in corrosion for any part which is exposed to the weathers or any corrosive fluids. Metal blackening positively helps to absorb oil and wax, which is vital in machinery if a seal breaks and oil is thrown everywhere.

4.- No Changes in Dimensions

It is naturally vital that all parts fit perfectly into machinery, and especially if they are being used for making engines or parts for aircraft, factory equipment, the military. With no change in the dimensions of parts, they will then fit snugly according to certain specifications and help to provide perfect operations for all equipment and machinery.

5.- Glare Be Gone

If employees are working with shiny metal components all day, they can suffer from tired eyes, which can be dangerous when working with moving machinery. Before it was known how to blacken steel, most metal still gave off a gleaming finish. However, blackening metal changed all of that and dramatically reduced glare, which prevented it from shining into the worker’s eyes. By preventing eye fatigue, there are now less accidents, and all employees operating machinery are safer and productivity losses decline.

6.- Great Visuals

Manufacturers of things such as metal sculptures, cabinet hardware displays, metallic plates, tankards and other sorts of decorative items, blacken them to give them a unique antique look.

Shiny metal, will with the applied blackening process, give them an older appearance that decorative metal items get as they age.

If your business is involved in metal or working with metal to make machinery or other such items, blackening is an important process. It helps to make working with all manner of other moving machinery much safer, prevents dimensional changes on components, and at the same time makes them more corrosion resistant.

Blackening kits are an ideal, affordable and efficient solution for the blackening of all components!


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