Are you ready for the aerobatic flight?


Where Did It All Begin?

In the early days of flying, a new craze was born amongst thrill-seeking airmen. In the aftermath of World War I, the United States government sold off a number of aircraft at a bargain price, giving rise to a new class of daredevil pilot referred to as “barnstormers”. With this new accessibility to aircraft-ownership, a number of experienced ex-servicemen were able to purchase their own planes. Using their skill and expertise in flight, they developed a new trend in which they used their aircraft to entertain spectators as part of what was called a “flying circus”. These spectacles were designed to enthral the public with the pilots’ skill and the robustness of the aircrafts.

Aerobatic Flight Today

Today, the sight of the Red Arrows soaring overhead is an awe-inspiring and memorable experience for any child, and one that sticks with you far into adulthood. Their squadron of display pilots have been causing spectators to swoon and kids to dream since 1965. The aerobatics they perform are far from that which we experience in normal flight, and take years of training to perfect, and require the utmost skill and plenty of stamina. From the ground below, spectators are treated to captivating performances and smoke patterns in the sky. However, from inside the aircraft, the flying experience opens up a whole other world.

Inside the Aircraft

Even the experience of plugging into the harness before taking off is enough to get the heart racing, but once you are in the air the experience is beyond compare. Flying upside-down at 200 miles per hour, and experiencing those loop the loops first hand is not for the faint hearted. If you are the type of person who is forever chasing the thrill, then an aerobatic flying experience is most definitely for you. Seeing the world outside spin around you in every direction is a supernatural and exhilarating feeling, and one that is not easily replicated in any other setting. The speeds that the planes can reach take your breath away, whilst only the bravest of souls can keep their eyes open throughout the extreme nose dives and lifts. Although stunt flying seems like something most of us can only dream of being part of, this unique flying experience may actually be more accessible than you think.

Try It Yourself

Whilst some of us would prefer to remain with both feet firmly on the ground, those who prefer to live on wild-side can experience an incredible aerobatic flight for themselves in an ultimate training aircraft. A number of providers across the UK allow you to get involved as a passenger, and some providers even offer for you to handle the controls yourself – with supervision of course! This is flying at its most extreme, and it is an experience that truly can’t be beaten.

There are online companies that specialise in arranging unique experiences, and all it takes is a simple search to put you in touch with an established provider.


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