Tips for finding a specialist ink & paint suppliers


If you are searching for a UK company who specialise in ink, paint, and coating colours, it is important to work with the right kind of service. But finding expert manufacturing companies can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to look. Once you’ve found a supplier, it is vital that you ask them numerous questions to see how they operate.

Here are some tips for finding an expert ink and paint supplier.

Shortlist Potential Suppliers

As a business owner, you should begin by identifying potential manufacturers you could work with. It is advisable to get factory referrals from other companies who have had business dealings with the shortlist of suppliers you have identified. You should do some background research and find out more about each candidate, ask the companies various questions and try to find out who they’ve worked with previously. You may also be able to contact these businesses and see what they have to say about their services.

Domestic or Overseas?

Many people believe than sourcing manufacturers from overseas will save them money, but they fail to take other things into account. Specialist manufacturers in the UK who provide services for paint, ink and other coating industry’s employ highly skilled labourers. If you choose to outsource to overseas companies, there is a good chance that their workforce will not be as skilled in specialist manufacturing techniques. Your goods can also take longer to arrive, so if you need a service that can deliver high-quality products rapidly, you should purchase specialist inks from Centre Colours.

These UK based companies guarantee first-rate services, rapid delivery times, and affordable prices. Furthermore, if anything goes wrong, you can always visit their premises in person to speak to a company representative, that sometimes isn’t an option when dealing with overseas suppliers.

Look for Bespoke Services

When it comes to purchasing goods and working with colour suppliers, a lot of time you’ll need to request bespoke services. Off the shelf patterns don’t always offer a solution, there will be plenty of times when you’ll need to order a customised colour and the company you are dealing with must be able to meet your demands. Some UK colour experts also manufacture their own unique products, so it is beneficial to ask about their services, you may just find a product which suits your very needs.


If you must deliver orders by certain dates, you’ll want to make sure your supplier understands the importance of finishing products on time. It is vital that you liaise with a business who can work within a given timeframe otherwise their service is useless, no matter how good they are.

Finding a competent colour supplier can make or break your business, as many company owners will attest to. Finding a manufacturer in the UK who can offer bespoke services, meet deadlines, and handle logistics can be challenging. Consider all the tips mentioned above to help you source a reputable supplier who can have a positive impact on your business.


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