Different types of roofing shingles explained


In today’s world of roofing, shingles are available in a range of types and arrangements to meet the needs of both architects and householders who are looking for a strong roof to suits a building.

With regards to various types of homes, one type of roofing shingles might just be more suitable than another.

  • And it doesn’t matter if the roof is on a new home or one being restored, roofing shingles can and are put to perfect use to add to the great looks and value of a home.

The Most Popular

The most favoured kind of roofing shingles are called “composition shingles”, and are made from a fibreglass and asphalt base that has been studded with small flecks of coloured minerals.

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Composition shingles are popular with most folk due to being:

  • Exceedingly water resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • More affordable than other shingle types
  • Available in a range of colours, with the favourites being green, grey, blue, black, and brown

All of which can be blended with a home’s design or even used to mix in nicely with nearby roofs for more balanced visual appeal.

Natural Matters

There are natural materials also being used to make roofing shingles, such as slate and cedar. In both cases, the natural material of choice will have to be perfectly milled and cut, and ultimately requires more labour to install properly.

  • Slate and cedar roofs do look slightly classier than a composition roof, but the difficult work of shingle manufacture and a proper installation will be reflected in the cost.

Both of these types do have some benefits, as they are both naturally insect resistant, with slate also being fire proof.

Versatile Tile

All homes which have a tile fitted roof will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, because of the tile’s great ability to act similar to a temperature regulator.

  • And whilst the standard red of terracotta is the most popular colour used for roofing tiles, manufacturers now make tiles in a much wider range of colours and shapes, making them perfect for use in many architectural designs.

Choosing the Most Suitable Type

Roofing shingles should be chosen with some care for the area where they are going to be installed. If you’re doing the alone, get to know which ones are suitable for your home, and also what your roofing choices are depending on where you live.

  • After making contact with a specialist roof material supplier, obtain an estimate on the full price of any work which is going to be undertaken, and also ask questions about things such as the warranty on the roof materials.

To get in touch with a trustworthy and affordable local supplier of roofing materials, go online and you will soon be able to find a service which is not only ideal, but perfect.


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