5 problems that arise after buying a house (and how to solve them!)


On the way to finding the perfect house, we get to see so many options, that when we finally find one that comes close to what we dream of having, we do not want to let it go.

Many times, we rush to start and conclude the transaction, forgetting about details that, in a cooler and calmer frame of mind, could have been foreseen.

This is not the end of the world, all these details have a solution, however, it will be necessary to pay attention once the sale has been completed, to adapt the new home to the needs of the family and to make it absolutely functional and beautiful.

Here, we highlight some things that you might experience after buying your new home, and we present a series of tips to solve them.

1. Unregulated work

If the house has had a recent visible extension, or work is in progress, even if the house is still under construction and you are going to acquire it, the owner/developer must provide you with the corresponding construction license.

2. Corresponding plans

It is very important to always have a set of executive plans your home, for any modification, revision or remodelling intended to be made in the future. When it comes to a new house, such as the Mornington new homes development, the developers usually give a set of plans to the new owners, sometimes even with proposals for additional design features and expansion.

When you buy an existing (or used) house, often the owners do not have architectural plans. What you should do is hire a surveyor and request a physical survey of the property, including the land, to make a set of plans.

3. Bathroom issues

The bathroom is one of the most delicate spaces, but it suffers more wear and tear than many other areas in a house. If when you start living there you discover problems, it might be necessary to replace the floor covering, waterproofing, change the valves and maybe even the taps. Remember that a single leak can bring a lot of long-term problems.

4. Natural lighting and ventilation

Perhaps in the excitement of buying your new home, you did not realise that there was very little natural light or that there were few windows. Well, that’s no small thing! It is very important that a house, to be healthy, have sufficient sunlight and natural ventilation.

Consult a design professional and consider opening up a wall, a skylight in the ceiling, or a series of windows in the rooms so that much more light enters.

5. Very limited spaces

When seeing for the first time that house that you loved, perhaps one of the things that you liked was that the spaces were separated and well defined by walls. But if, when you live there, you discover that they are actually very small, narrow, or they limit the normal activities of the family, it will be necessary to open spaces and possibly tear down a separating wall. But beware, you will need advice from a structural engineer. Not all the walls inside the house can be knocked down, some are the basic supports of the structure, be well informed!


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