Elements that sports teams and businesses have in common


Sports teams and businesses have a number of crucial elements in common which can help decide whether an organization will succeed or fail. The factors that create a successful business can be applied to sports teams who have a habit of winning championships. There are interconnected reasons why Apple reports revenue of over $229 billion in one year and why the New England Patriots won every AFC East Division Championship from 2009 to 2017. A combination of trusted leadership, well-defined goals, enduring teamwork and a supportive fan base, has helped both Apple and the New England Patriots become leaders in their respective fields.


At the top of any hugely successful corporation or sports team is a leader. Whether that leader is called a Chief Executive Officer or Team Manager is irrelevant; this is the person that “steers the ship.” It is possible for a sports team with a weak manager to win games, just as it is possible for a business to thrive even if headed by an ineffective CEO. However, when a strong leader directs the right business or team, success is bound to arrive sooner rather than later. Whether it’s Bill Gates in charge of Microsoft or Phil Jackson coaching the Chicago Bulls, success seems easier when the person in charge is in charge of themselves.


As a business aims to succeed through offering a product or service, a sports team aims to achieve success through victories. Having a belief in goal achievement that runs throughout the business’ employees or team’s players is crucial for success. If the Boston Red Sox did not believe in themselves in 2004, would the team have managed to break the 86-year-old “Curse of the Bambino”? How many people know that Steve Jobs was actually fired from Apple in 1985 when the company was close to failing? Jobs became CEO of Apple in 1997 and helped turn the company completely around, driven by an unfailing belief in the product and brand. Defined goals aided their successes.


Just as business thrives on sales and revenue, a sports team needs to sell tickets. With ticket revenue, a sports team can improve stadium facilities, attract better players, and create better training programs. Finding a trusted ticket resaler so you can support your favorite teams can be tricky, but there are some good options out there, and it’s easy to research online for more information. Sports teams and businesses rely heavily on those all-important fanbases/customer bases to keep their organization growing through forward momentum and continued loyalty.


Teamwork is a word that is of immense importance to any successful business or sports team. There can be rogue players who lift a team solely through their magnificent individual talent, but this is more a rarity than a commonality. A solid, hard-working team playing for each other rather than themselves can lead to the creation of an “invincible” group mentality. In the same manner, no business with more than one employee will get far without the essential element of positive teamwork involved.


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