6 fantastic holiday adventures to experience in your lifetime


It’s always nice to think about traveling. For some folks it’s about traveling to all the exotic parts of the world to see the amazing beauty this planet has to offer us. But then sometimes you may notice that you don’t need a fortune to visit exotic locales and discover fantastic places. You can find reasonable rates online for flights and accommodations, and even enjoy affordable Philadelphia airport parking.

So if you have some free time and a reasonable holiday budget, where would you like to go? Here are some destinations that you should consider visiting at least once in your life:

The Majesty of the Grand Canyon

It’s one of the most breathtaking places in the whole world, and it’s right here in the US. Up to 6 million people visit the “World’s Biggest Ditch” every year, and they often include whole families. Bring a good camera, as each photo you take here will enhance your social media and networking presence.

The Eiffel Tower

Yes, it’s certainly a cliché to see the Eiffel Tower, but then it’s a cliché for a very good reason. This iconic landmark in Paris can immediately give you the reason why this city is regarded as the most romantic and also the most sophisticated in the world. The best way to enjoy this is in the evening when it’s all lit up. It’s great if you can get a rooftop terrace view of it while you and your partner enjoy a fine dinner—the romance of it all can’t be matched.

Real Pizza in Napoli

In the US, various restaurants in New York City and Chicago may brag about offering the best pizzas in the world. But Napoli is where pizza was born, and here the local restaurants continue to offer authentic pizza that you can’t get anywhere else. You can try the ones in Pizzeria Brandi and Pizzeria da Michele, but other places have their charm too.

In fact, it’s a great place to enjoy Italian cuisine altogether. These people also know how to make a truly enchanting pot of coffee, which is more than you can say when it comes to the Parisians!

The Northern Lights from Finnish Glass Igloos

The Northern Lights are a sight that you must see once before you kick the bucket. But if there’s one place where the experience is truly amazing, it’s in Finland where it’s possible to enjoy this light show from a transparent glass igloo. It’s like you’ve traveled the stars and stayed in a faraway planet light-years away.

An African Safari

You may think that you’ve seen everything you need to see in Africa simply by watching the Discovery or National Geographic cable channels. Those TV images can’t compare to the real thing of seeing these majestic creatures in real life.

One of the best destinations for your safari holiday is to go to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania. There you’ll find a huge volcanic crater that contains lakes, forests, and grasslands, and they’re all teeming with wildlife. You’ll see lions and leopards along with rhinos, elephants, and water buffalos, and they look a lot better than when you see them in your local zoo.

Snorkeling in Belize

You’ll wonder in amazement at the bright colors of all the sea creatures and plants off the coast of Belize. You must try the Great Blue Hole, as it’s one of the best scuba sites in the world.

All these adventures are not reserved for the wealthy at all. Save up a bit of money for a holiday vacation, and one of them will be more than enough for you to enjoy the amazing sights that this planet can offer!


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