What next for the iPhone?


Apple launched the first iPhone in January 2007, and the world has never been the same since. The iPhone is an invention to rank alongside the wheel and electricity, for it not only changed the way phones look and perform forever, it also transformed the way we communicate, work, shop and do business. The iPhone has come a long way since 2007, of course, but its evolution has only just started. There are always rumors about what Apple plans next for its flagship product, so let’s take a look at some of the things that could be about to happen, and the things that we can leave in the realm of fantasy.

New Apple products are so interesting by itself as by their ability to create tendencies or being a starting point for new products or whole product’s families. Recently, in example, the award-winning engineers at xFyro audio created the most advanced pair of waterproof earbuds on the market, bringing next-generation technology today’s active listener.

A New Model Is on Its Way

One reason that Apple are such a successful and influential company is that Tim Cook, and the legendary Steve Jobs before him, realized that standing still leads to stagnation, and innovation is key. Consumers want more powerful iPhones year upon year, which is why a new iPhone has become almost an annual event. It’s widely expected that a new model will surface in Fall 2018, with some speculating that it may be called iPhone 9 or iPhone X2. With models ‘8’ and ‘X’ currently on the market, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cook stick with the Roman numerals and announce an iPhone XI – after all it does lend itself to media headlines such as ‘exciting XI’.

Faster, Greener and More Powerful

Apple experts such as Lure of Mac have long been aware of the company’s push for groundbreaking technology, and the latest iPhone demonstrated this with its new Face ID technology. Some have speculated that Touch ID could return, but it seems more likely that Apple will simply refine its Face ID security system. What we can expect is a phone that’s faster, more powerful and greener too. Powered by an A12 processor, it will mark a leap forward in performance, but the big surprise could be that it will be greener too. Apple are passionate about environmental protection and are likely to have been working on a more eco-friendly processor, and that means extended battery life.

What Won’t Happen

Such is Apple’s reputation for technological brilliance that people expect almost anything from them, so there are already a host of wild rumors swirling around the upcoming iPhone model. Some have speculated that it may be available in one color only, could that be red or green? We can rule these wild color schemes out, as Apple know the importance of branding and a dramatic change of color could risk alienating loyal customers and run the risk of looking a little tacky. We can also rule out a completely waterproof iPhone and one that can be distance charged, at least for now.

The new iPhone is likely to come in a variety of sizes and include a smart connector and Pro-Motion capability, but its biggest selling point could be its green credentials. Could we really have an iPhone that’s lighter, more powerful and yet with a greatly extended battery life? That’s the holy grail of smart phone design, but don’t be surprised if that’s just what the team from Cupertino produce this fall.


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