Should you hire or purchase a scissor lift?


The decision of whether to hire or buy any kind of industrial or construction equipment can be a difficult one to make. Both sides of the argument offer advantages, but when you don’t feel like you’re going to get much use out of equipment, is it still worth buying?

Many industrial and construction sites require the appropriate equipment in order to successfully carry out their everyday tasks. For this reason, many professionals in the industry will either have their equipment permanently installed or use reputable rental companies to hire out equipment.

If you’re tossing up between a scissor lift hire and purchase, here’s what you need to know.The Benefits of Scissor Lift Hire

The popularity of scissor lift hire continues to grow because of the many benefits it provides, including convenience, flexibility and saving time. Scissor lift hire is usually the most practical choice for any worksite that doesn’t intend to use the equipment daily and wants to build an ongoing relationship with a reputable provider that can offer machinery and expert training. Buying machinery of any kind can be extremely expensive, and when you account for other aspects like repairs and maintenance, the bills can really start to pile up.

One of the biggest benefits of scissor lift hire is that established equipment hire companies can also provide you with a team of trained and qualified experts who can properly instruct you on proper use of the equipment. This means that the equipment will be safer for your workers while also effectively achieving your results.

If you don’t have much experience with scissor lifts, scissor lift hire also allows you to “try before you buy”, so you can learn the equipment and conduct trials before making a costly purchase.

Making the Choice and Where to Go

Creating and maintaining a close working relationship with a scissor lift hire company is a great way to ensure your workers are correctly trained to utilise the machinery properly. It also eliminates the cost and commitment of buying equipment for your worksite if it isn’t something that you would regularly use. Although the concept of owning your own machinery might be tempting, it actually isn’t that beneficial in the long run unless it’s going to become an instrumental part of your daily operations.

On top of making this decision, you should put a lot of consideration into the provider you choose to create this relationship with. At the very minimum, look for qualifications and an impressive range of choices so that you aren’t limited when it comes to options. Established, reputable and reliable scissor lift hire providers will prioritise training your team so you can use all equipment as safely as possible. Once you’ve chosen a provider that’s knowledgeable and experienced, you can maintain an ongoing relationship with them for any further training or hiring of any other kinds of equipment.

If you’re still unsure about whether to buy or hire, you should try hiring a scissor lift out once before making the commitment to buy one. This will provide you with an indication of whether or not you will use it regularly and whether you can afford the upkeep.


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