How to choose an event production company


Have you been asked to organise an event?

Are you looking for a company that organises events and you do not know the criteria that you should follow to find the one that best suits your needs? There are 5 questions or basic points that you must address before hiring an event organiser or production company.

In this post, we will walk you through them.

You should bear in mind that hiring an event production company offers the following benefits: You benefit from the information they will manage daily, the experience they have gained with each event organised, the portfolio of trusted suppliers with which they work, and their exclusive dedication and professionalism. In addition, there is also the optimal use of the budget that you have.

Make sure that you address these 5 points before choosing an event production company.

Look at their area of expertise

It is better that the company is familiar and has experience in the management of events closely related to your sector. If you have a food company, it is better not to resort to a company that only organises, for example, technology-related events. The best thing is to discuss in-depth with them about the sector in which you operate. This way, you will make sure that they understand your needs well and that they can customise the event to your liking.

Consult the entire catalogue of services offered

Depending on whether you require contracting specific services or a full management approach, you must pay attention and inform yourself about the capacity of the event production company. You may need catering, audiovisual services, accommodation, transportation, staff, translators or interpreters, etc. You can also request a list of event venues and providers with which they have previously worked.

Ask what their fees include in advance

There are different ways of charging. From fixed rates and closed budgets, cost per person, hourly rates, etc. Ask if there are additional charges for the support staff, if travel expenses are included, or if the third-party commissions are already included.

Be well informed about their staff

Exactly who will be in charge of and working at the event? Check the availability and specialised training or experience they have. Make sure you have a good rapport with whoever will be in charge of your event – it may be necessary to arrange various pre-event meetings.

How will they protect your event?

Security is a fundamental aspect, so the event production company must aware of current regulations regarding health and safety requirements and be competent when it comes to conducting risk assessments for each event. They must have their own liability insurance and be able to confirm that all event suppliers also carry adequate insurance coverage.

In short, take your time to evaluate the different event production companies before making your choice. These key points will help you to separate the good from the bad, qualify the different variables associated with the hiring of the company and of course, opt for a better optimisation of your resources at your next event such as a fair or congress.


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