Not all the attractive jobs are done behind a desk


There’s a huge shift towards office jobs nowadays, with more and more people taking up degrees in fields like science, accounting, business management and administration, and many others. And while the prospect of spending your professional life behind a comfy desk may sound enticing to some, it’s not all that you can do if you want to enjoy a stable, exciting career with an attractive salary. If you’re the type that prefers a little more physical activity rather than mental exercise, you should not ignore the trade market. Many of the jobs you’ll find there are not only well-compensated but in high demand too, giving you a great boost to your career right from the start.

A skilled electrician can earn quite a lot without too much effort, and the job is surprisingly safe to do nowadays, thanks to the advanced building safety standards. On the other hand, modern technology has advanced enough to allow you to perform simple diagnostic tasks without too much effort, and as long as you understand what you’re actually doing and touching, you should be able to avoid any incidents and work in a relatively demanding market on your own terms.

A plumber’s job may not be attractive to everyone, but that’s a shame for those people because it’s a lucrative career path that doesn’t actually involve that much dirty work nowadays. How much do plumbers make exactly? Quite a lot more than many other jobs of a similar difficulty, and thanks to tools like waterproof cameras and other advanced gadgets, you’ll rarely even have to get your hands dirty. Of course, you should definitely be prepared for that moment, as it will come eventually, and you may actually have to get through some challenging situations in this regard occasionally. But today, it’s a much different story than a few decades ago.

Welders are always in high demand in various industries, particularly highly skilled ones with all the right certificates. This is not an easy job in most cases, and there are always opportunities to make it even more difficult if you’re up for it – such as underwater welding – but as long as you’ve got the skills and maintain a responsible attitude about your work, you should be able to stay relatively risk-free. Of course, you should still be vigilant at all times and stay alert about your environment, as accidents do happen among those who get impatient, careless or a mixture of both.

Don’t fall for the common misconception that anything done outside an office building is unrewarding and not suitable for a satisfying long-term career. There are actually many ways to put your hands to good use that don’t involve typing on a computer. It’s a good idea to take a look at that market, as it might become very populated not too long from now, with automation coming in to take over certain office jobs that are generally repetitive and don’t require too much critical thinking.


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