Building a career in construction and wall finishing? Here’s what you need to know about buying trowels


A trowel is the basic tool used in plastering and finishing walls. Its flat blade and surface are ideal for the consistent, smooth application of plaster. Many would agree that plastering jobs are always in demand. Skilled plasterers are sought after by contractors to become part of their team of workers.

A beginner in plastering walls understands the importance of investing in the right tools. Finding the perfect trowel will determine the success and quality of work. You should not buy a trowel without carefully considering the following:

Trowel Size

Trowel size will determine the type of job it is best for. The length and the width of the tool can vary. In general, wider trowels are best used for vertical applications. Narrower trowels, on the other hand, are best for finishing surfaces.

Trowel Material

Trowels are made from different types of material. Stainless steel is favoured by some because it is rust-proof. Carbon steel trowels are much more durable and can last for years. These days, plastic trowels are also becoming increasingly popular. Aside from being rustproof, plastic trowels are also lightweight.

Your Skill Level

Your experience also determines the type of trowel you should invest in. If you intend on becoming an expert and focusing on more professional jobs, you must start practicing your speed and control with a short, standard trowel. You can gradually hone your skills and later on start using longer trowels favoured by veteran plasterers.

Frequency of Use

Occasional plastering does not require you to invest in an expensive plastering trowel. However, if you plan on making a career out of plastering walls, you should consider buying a good trowel which will be worth the investment in the long run.

Some plasterers buy a pre-worn plastering trowel. This is not uncommon if you want to use a trowel that has already been seasoned by a veteran. Once again, it depends on your skill set and purpose for buying. If you prefer a brand new trowel, you can find useful tips and guides online. You can also join forums where you can get useful first-hand insights from veteran trowel users.

There is an abundance of resources for beginners such as yourself. Even if you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available, you cannot go wrong by simply narrowing down your choices according to the tips provided above. Remember, you can’t just buy any trowel. You must buy the best fit according to your needs and skill-set. A trowel is one of the most valuable tools you can invest in. This will help you build your reputation as an expert plasterer.


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