Not a morning person? Simple ways to help you ease into the day


The internet is full of stories about successful people’s morning routines but what if you just feel terrible every time the sun comes up. You’re not alone as many people consider themselves night owls rather than dawn risers.

The trick is to accept who you are and that you will probably never operate 100% when you first get up. Rather, you should aim to ease yourself into the day by doing activities that help stimulate your mind and body but don’t overload your system. Let’s find out strategies to help you ease into the day.

1.- Go For A Short Walk

Fitness enthusiasts may leap out of bed and go for a run or hit the gym. Don’t think that you need to dive into a full-on workout. Consider a casual walk around the block during the morning hours. Doing so will get your blood pumping and help you become fully awake.

2.- Read

You don’t need to overload your brain with long division or algebra. However, you should still try and give it a kickstart. Consider developing an early hours reading habit. You could read a chapter of a good book or view story on an interesting news site. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re reading something.

3.- Plan The Night Before

You don’t want to awaken with a foggy head and no plan of action. The best way to start the day is with direction. That’s why it’s recommended that you develop a schedule the night before. The late hours are likely when your mind’s functioning the best. You will be able to determine what needs to be done and the best time to do it.

4.- Check Facebook And Other Social Media

There is a lot of advice circling around that suggests you should never check your email in the morning. This seems a bit like overthinking. Your email is right there on your phone, and you’re going to check it anyway. The morning is not the time for rigid self-discipline so feel free to check your inbox as well as social media.

5.- Think About What You’re Grateful For

You might start the day feeling awful. However, a good way to boost your morale is to think about what you’re grateful for. This could be an interesting job, a hot spouse, a great family, or perhaps a new car. The things that you care about most are what make life worth getting up for, so make sure you put them at the forefront of your thoughts.

6.- Don’t Feel Pressured To Eat Breakfast

If you skip breakfast in the morning then don’t worry, you’re not alone: millions do it every day. Many people simply don’t feel hungry when the wakeup and there is no shame in avoiding the day’s first meal.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to leap out of bed like a hungry lion chasing its prey. Take it slow and gradually ease yourself into the day. Some people simply don’t perform well in the morning so don’t try and pretend to be someone you’re not.


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