Here’s how you can know if your online marketing techniques work


It is important for you to have a yardstick in determining whether or not the marketing techniques work. You can’t just go ahead with any plan without a way of determining if it works. You have to know if it is a good plan to be continued or it has to be changed along the way.

There are a lot of ways to determine the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies. Here are some of them.

Increase in unique visitors

You will know if you already have an established online presence if there are unique visitors to your website over a given period of time. Each visitor must only be counted once. There are a lot of factors affecting the increase in the number of visitors. The point is that if there is an increase, your marketing strategy is working.

Increase in page views

The cumulative number of page views for your website should also increase for you to know that the strategy works. This suggests that the pages are effective and engaging. Individuals don’t just stay on the home page, but they also navigate through the pages. This is essential since the purchasing tab is not on the homepage. They have to go to another tab and head to the payment tab before an actual purchase is made. The goal is to make the visitors move around the site and explore the pages.

Appearance on the first pages of Google

This is what most businesses want. People use search engines all the time. Therefore, it helps to have your website appear on the first page once a keyword is searched. This increases the chance that the people will click on the website and eventually explore your business. There are a lot of techniques to employ to reach the first page considering the bigger companies you have to go against. Therefore, reaching the first pages helps a lot.

Increase in conversion rate

Conversation rate refers to the percentage of visitors on your website who have decided to buy what you have to offer, sign up for your newsletter or be a member. Any action done to make them stay connected to your site is a sign that there is an increase in conversation rate. The figure is just around 5% for most websites. If you reach this, you are on the right path.

Reaching these goals is never easy. There are a lot of things you need to do in order to hit the target. Make use of the tools at your disposal to ensure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. You may also consider marketing automation or a digital marketing agency since a lot of businesses are also using it. This could help you make the job faster.


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