Tips on choosing a new steam mop


Using a steam mop to clean the floors in your home is far more efficient than resorting to the good old bucket and mop. In this article, we’ll look at several essential aspects that you will have to keep in mind if you want to make sure you’re spending your cents on something worth the while. There are thousands of models available for sale these days, and that can make it challenging for you to pick just the right one for your requirements.

Do a bit of research beforehand

Online shopping can be very deceiving because it might make you wish for a steam mop simply because of the way it looks. The fact is that the best way of going about things would be for you to go to a store and try out several models before making up your mind.

Moreover, you can look at several videos on YouTube or read multiple reviews coming from people who have bought and used the unit before. In this way, you can ensure that your final call is the right one.

Convenience and flexibility

If you know that your physical attributes don’t allow you to maneuver heavy things, what you need in your life is a lightweight steam mop. Besides, there are several other factors that relate to convenience, such as whether or not the model you’re thinking of buying comes with a power cord that’s long enough for you to clean a whole room without switching outlets.

Furthermore, some cleaners are far more flexible than others and will give you the freedom to fold them flat and clean under the furniture.

Decide on the right type

As you might have guessed, no two steam mops are made the same. As such, they have different features and will offer you unique benefits. There are three kinds of steam cleaners available out there today. Handheld ones are convenient because they can be used to clean surfaces efficiently and quickly. Actual steam mops are usually upright and are similar to some vacuum cleaner models in certain respects.

There are also mop and handheld steam cleaners all into one, as well as cylinder ones. Cylinder units are wheeled and have a somewhat bigger capacity on account of having been equipped with larger tanks. While typical units can only produce steam for just about fifteen minutes, these can last for about forty.

Getting accessories

If you’re new to the steam cleaning adventure, we need to point out that it might be a better idea for you to get a model that comes with everything you need. There are many extras you might need to make sure that your floors are sparkly clean. These range from squeegees to scrubbing pads. You can also rely on good scrubbing brushes to get rid of the grime that’s been embedded in your floor tiles.

Clean the pads of your steam mop right after having used them. This way, you’ll be able to extend their life.


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