Are you thinking of getting tattooed? How to properly plan the ideal tattoo


Getting a tattoo is a big deal for most of us, especially those who are planning to get one for the first time. It is, after all, a kind of permanent marking on your skin, and you want to be sure of what you are doing so you have no regrets. Thinking of the right design takes time, and you undoubtedly want all the advice you can get. Are you thinking of getting tattooed? Here’s how to properly plan the ideal tattoo for you.

The design

It goes without saying that you should think carefully about the design you want. Remember this: the design you ultimately go for will be a reflection of you, your personality, beliefs, memories, and so on, and it will be presented to everyone you know every single day (unless, of course, it’s a hidden tattoo). But whether you’re opting for a hidden or exposed tattoo, at the end of the day, you want a tattoo which is a good reflection of what you want to express. There are many tattoo designs out there, but you should choose a design that shows exactly what message you want to impart. You could even create your own unique design with a symbol, drawing, colours, or someone’s name or initials – with tattoos, the possibilities are endless, but you have to choose wisely.

Top considerations in design

Whilst you may already have a design in mind, you should also think about its size. If it’s your first time to get inked, you may want a smaller tattoo, so you can gauge how you react to the pain.

When thinking about the design, ask yourself whether this is a momentary or impulsive thing, or if it’s a design which will make you happy in the future and not just for now. Whilst you can always go for a tattoo removal procedure later on, would you really want to go through the effort? Before you settle on a design, think about it as a permanent design which you can’t easily do away with.

Getting professional advice

The tattoo artist can create a bespoke design for you. But before settling on a tattoo artist or studio, find out more about them. Look up reviews and feedback and check out their portfolio – this can help you decide if their designs fit your style or idea. The tattoo artist should be able to draw your design, and when they do, look at it carefully and call out anything you don’t like about the design.

By planning it well, you can have your ideal tattoo before you know it. The tattoo artist should also give you aftercare advice and recommendations on proper moisturising, which you can do with the right tattoo healing cream and moisturiser.


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