4 great business ideas for car enthusiasts


If you have a natural love for cars and would love to make a living from your passion, you’re in luck. There are literally thousands of business ideas you can choose from. And what’s better is that many of these businesses require only a small initial investment. Here are some great automobile related business ideas for car lovers.

Car Reseller

Buying and reselling cars is one of the easiest car related businesses you can start. All you have to do is know which cars are in high demand, find them through various sources and resell them. However, you have to have a certain knowledge of which types of models sell well and which ones have a great reselling value.

Another great way to find deals is to find cars that need some minor repairs, negotiate the price down, and resell the car for a profit. You can even learn how to make these repairs yourself by looking at tutorials online. Sites like Speed Final for instance offer tons of tips on how to make minor repairs. If you really want to get started, though, you’ll have to consider getting a car dealer license since most states will require that you get one after you resell a set number of cars.

Battery Reconditioning

The car reconditioning business is not only a great sector, but one that is severely underserved. As a battery reconditioner, your job will be to take batteries that have lost their charge and get them to their original capacity. This can be done by using certain chemicals and the process is rather easy. You can then resell them online or sell them in bulk to local garages.

Driving School

If you feel like you have a natural talent for teaching and are a great driver, then you could consider opening your own driving school. All it takes to start your school is a certified car and the right location. You can either decide to work in an urban or suburban area or target a rural area.

This can be a very lucrative business and you can also teach part time if you want to. You can use your vehicle as an advertising tool or you can advertise online and through the local media. There is never a shortage of people wanting to learn how to drive, so you shouldn’t have issues finding clients if you’re in the right market.

Tire Retail Business

Tire retail is another booming sector with lots of continual demand. To start this kind of business, you need to have a significant understanding of tires and be able to manage an inventory. You can either decide to buy tires in bulk and resell them or you could buy second hand tires at a discount and mark them up. Or you could decide to export the tires as well to other countries. This is a very lucrative sector that also demands a small initial investment and only requires a handful of employees.

All these businesses are great for anyone who has an affinity for cars and would like to make a living. Make sure that you do your research as to which permits and qualifications are needed before you start any of these ventures.


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