Hacks to save money on food


If your food bill is getting out of control, then it may be time to cut it back. Doing so doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy less food. Rather, you should take advantage of a few tricks that can land you some substantial saving.

Buy In Bulk

Often you can get discounts by buying food in bulk. If you’re buying from the supermarket, then these deals will normally be advertised. If you’re buying from local merchants, such as a small butcher or produce store, then you may be able to negotiate with the manager for a discount on bulk purchases (it’s always worth a shot!). This is extra likely if you’re a regular customer.

Never Chuck Your Leftovers

It can be tempting to hurtle your leftovers in the trash, however, saving them for another meal is a better idea. Simply purchase a bunch of cheap plastic containers. You can fill them up with the leftovers and stash them in the freezer for another time. They also make good meals to take to work and are better than purchasing expense freezer meals from the supermarket.

Check Prices Before You Even Leave The Home

Different stores can charge quite different prices for food. The beauty of the internet is that you can research a range of options from your laptop or smartphone. For example, if you’re shopping for a cake, then you can compare all cake prices before you leave the house.

Take Advantage Of Cash Back And Coupon Deals

There are many apps that will pay you for scanning your grocery receipt. There are also many cash back coupons available online. Companys are paid to refer you to certain stores, and they will then share this commission with you as “cash back.” You may even be able to double dip by using both coupons and a receipt-scanning app.

Shop With A Rewards Credit Card (And Pay The Balance In Full Every Month)

It’s easy to log up quite a few rewards points every time you hit the supermarket. The key is to select the right rewards credit card. These points can then be spent on a variety of things, including more groceries!

Of course, credit cards will always strain your willpower. It can be easy to go overboard and go on a spending spree. It’s recommended that you only buy what you need and pay off the balance in full every month. Otherwise, interest rates will simply cancel out the benefits from collecting rewards points.

Grab From The Back

Stores always rotate their shelves so that less fresh items (milk and bread are good examples) are placed at the front. If you can’t always finish these products before they go off, then try grabbing the fresher items from the back. Just try not to let a shop attendant spot you doing it!

Never Shop Hungry

If you grocery shop on an empty stomach then you may be tempted to buy just about anything. It’s recommended that you shop with a bit of food in your stomach to avoid frivolous purchases.

Final Thoughts

Food is always going to be one of your biggest expenses, so you might as well try to save whenever possible. These hacks may seem simple, but many people never take advantage of them. The next time you’re shopping, or in the kitchen, try and put one into action.


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