5 jobs your probably never considered needed math before


When you think of a career involving math, what do you imagine? We’ll hazard a guess that it is an accountant with a big set of glasses, wearing a bow tie and a set of braces and carrying a brief case around. Math isn’t cool, after all.

Despite that stereotyping, there is so much more to math than doing sums. In fact, there are jobs you won’t have even considered that require math, ranging from rollercoaster designers to working on the latest Pixar animation.

Basically, math is everywhere. Still not convinced? Here are five jobs you probably never considered needed math before.

Rollercoaster designer

When you are flying around the best rollercoasters in America, you are probably more preoccupied with trying to keep your lunch down rather than wondering just who dreams and builds these rides to make them not only thrill-seeking, but also safe. Well, the answer is people good at math. A rollercoaster wouldn’t work without an understanding of velocity, geometry, physics, kinematics and material strength – all of which come from math.


With a new Top Gun movie set to start shooting this summer, you might soon be wishing you were a fighter pilot like Lt. Pete Mitchell all over again – in which case, you better brush up on your math. The movies might not show it, but math is vital if you are going to fly a plane for reasons such as calculating fuel and figuring out wind direction and speed.


In the old days, if you wanted to work on a Disney cartoon you simply needed to be able to draw. Now though that isn’t enough as cartoons have been overtaken by animation. While art is still important, math is equally so. Trigonometry helps rotate and move your Buzz Lightyear’s around while algebra is what makes Woody’s hat look so shiny. Without math, none of those great Pixar movies would exist.

Medical billing and coding

Medical billing and coding involves making sure that doctors, labs and hospitals get paid for providing medical services. Using coding, a claim is submitted on behalf of the medical provider to an insurer or individual to ensure that payment is made. It’s a role that keeps America’s medical system up and running and wouldn’t be possible without math. Have a look at this website about Best Medical Billing Coding for more information on how you could get into this growing industry.

Sports commentator

You are broadcasting live to the nation from the ball park or arena, and you need to work out what those latest points do to the score. Or what a player’s batting average is. Or how many bases he has stolen. Or what that birdie means to his chances of a Masters win. The world of sports commentary might seem just like telling everyone how good Serena Williams is as she wins at Flushing Meadows, but you need to have some pretty sharp math skills to be working sums out as quickly as possible while keeping your audience abreast of what is going on.


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