How to choose the right format for business videos


Businesses nowadays utilize videos frequently for a wide range of different purposes. Often videos are published online on websites or social media for marketing, distributed via email, or even transferred internally for training and other reasons.

If you’re in a position where you’re creating, managing or handling business videos, you may find the formats that they use a bit confusing. Not only are there lots of formats out there, but trying to choose the ‘right’ format for your business videos can be tricky.

That being said, it really boils down to two main factors – and understanding them will make it a lot easier:

Compatibility on various devices and platforms

As you probably are aware different devices and platforms are compatible with different formats of videos – so your business videos need to be in a format that is compatible with the device or platform it is going to be used on. That means that the first thing you should do is identify the compatible formats that you can use.

If you want your video to be able to be ‘universally’ compatible then choosing a video format that is widely-used such as MP4 with H.264 is probably a good option.

File size and quality

Another factor to take into account is the file size and quality of the video. Needless to say higher quality videos tend to have larger file sizes, but the file size is also affected by the format of the video and the compression that it uses.

A good example of this can be seen by comparing a video stored in H.264 with one in the newer H.265. Because H.265 is newer it has better compression, and the video file size is often half of that of a H.264 video with the same quality.

Assuming the video is in a lossless format however, then converting it to any format with video compression is likely to reduce the quality – but ‘lossless’ videos are rarely used for business purposes.

Ideally you should take both these factors into account when choosing the ‘right’ format for your business videos. First try to identify the compatible formats that you can choose from, and then find the format with the best compression among them.
Once you’ve decided on the format that you want to use for your business videos, you can use Movavi Video Converter to convert it accordingly. All you need to do is add the video and pick the format that you want to use.

Aside from using Movavi Video Converter as an AVI, WMV, or MOV to MP4 converter, you could also adjust the other video settings or compress your business videos with its help. In fact it is able to convert other types of media files too, and can edit them or perform other tasks if need be.

Suffice to say Movavi Video Converter will make it easy for you to convert your business videos quickly and effectively. If you ever find yourself stuck it has built-in presets that you can use for a wide range of devices and platforms.


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