See new photos of Egypt and Palestine during WWI


More than 2,000 unseen images of Egypt and Palestine during World War I depict an often-overlooked theater of the war.

In a series of roadshows in Wales and England, members of the public shared photographs, postcards, and memories dating from the period of the First World War.

“The images…represent an otherwise unseen and unpublished resource,” says professor Paul Nicholson of Cardiff University. “Amongst the interesting discoveries have been images documenting the journeys of individuals through the conflict and their interaction with the ancient monuments of biblical lands.”

The images, which include photographs taken by servicemen and servicewomen, have been digitized and uploaded to a dedicated website, giving members of the public the chance to see what their ancestors saw, along with new views of archaeological sites, military installations, and cities as they appeared during the war.

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Source: Cardiff University
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