The value of planting mature trees on your property


There are several great reasons to consider laying mature trees on your landscape rather than planting young ones. Young trees require a lot more maintenance and take many years to grow into mature specimens. Adding mature trees to your garden can provide numerous advantages without having to worry too much about maintenance. Mature trees are fully developed, so they don’t require any pruning or trimming.

Reduce Energy Costs

You may not think it, but trees dramatically reduce your energy bills if placed in the right location. A mature tree provides excellent cover from the sun and wind, it helps to protect your home against harsh weather conditions by acting as a barrier. Your home will benefit greatly from the shade a mature tree offers your property, during the blistering hot summer months, a tree can reduce your energy bills considerably. They help to keep your home cool, meaning you won’t have to rely on air conditioning units or fans. If you reduce the need for cooling systems, you ultimately save money on utility bills. If you’re planning on decorating your landscape with mature trees, you can visit a wholesale nursery in Melbourne who specialise in advanced species. Most of these companies also offer semi-advanced shrubs and hedges, so you can renovate your yard without having to plant young trees or greenery. A young tree can take anywhere from 10 to 30 years to mature, this is a long time to wait before they start to help reduce your energy bills.

Add Value to Your Home

Mature trees don’t just save you money on energy bills, they also look incredible when planted on your landscape. The immediately transform your landscape, making it look more appealing and adding instant value to your property. According to several Melbourne estate agents, strategically placed, mature trees can add anywhere from 15 to 20% onto your home. Most of them agree that mature trees are much more effective at boosting the value of your property in comparison to young ones.

If you are thinking about putting your property up for sale in the near future, it is best to plant mature trees to enhance your surroundings. You don’t want to have to wait for a young tree to mature until it brings about benefits, 20 or 30 years is a long time to wait for a new tree to develop.

Mature Trees Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Only a few short years ago, many scientists believed that young trees took in more carbon dioxide that mature ones. But this fact was since rebutted, advanced species take in a lot more carbon dioxide than younger trees. Buying a mature tree helps to reduce your carbon footprint, along with improving your air quality.

When you consider your options, you’ll find that mature trees offer a lot more advantages than younger species. They can dramatically increase the value of your home when strategically placed around your landscape. In addition, they help to reduce your utility and home maintenance bills by acting as a cover from wind, rain and harmful UV rays.


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