Shopping on your mind? These Delhi shopping spots will serve you well


Being the capital of India, Delhi attracts people from all over India. Most of the young professionals dream to get a job and relocate to Delhi. Young entrepreneurs see Delhi as a perfect market for flourishing their business. Although young India sees Delhi as their dream destination, some doubts revolve around the decision of relocating. Cost of living is one of the biggest doubts. Technically, Delhi should be the costliest city in India. However, if you know where to shop in Delhi, you can live here even on a low budget. So, just find Jaipur to Delhi flights at low cost, pack your bag and be ready to head to Delhi. Here we are giving you the list of shopping spots that will make you fall in love with Delhi.

Sarojini Market

You might have heard the name of this most famous market in Delhi. This is the cheapest market in Delhi provided you know the art of bargaining confidently. You can find dresses, accessories, jewellery, and household items etc., all at the rates of peanuts. Apart from the prices, you can also get a whole range of choices in Sarojini market. If you love shopping, you cannot find a paradise better than Sarojini market. Obviously, you need to bargain like a pro. In most of the cases, you can grab things at 25-30% of the original price quoted by the seller.

Chandni Chowk

While bargaining is the skill that can help you survive in any part of Delhi, you won’t need the skill as much in Chandni Chowk market. It is among the oldest wholesale markets in Delhi. Jewellery, stationery, home appliances, medical equipment, furniture, furnishing fabrics, decorative items can all be found at wholesale rate here. If you buy something from temporary stalls rather than permanent shops you should try to use your bargaining skills more. This is an excellent market for food-lovers too. You can find some yummiest sweets and street foods in Chandni Chowk market. Don’t forget to visit the nearby Paranthe Wali Gali, the haven of Indian foods.

Laxmi Nagar Market

This is a street market extending to the long ends of the streets near the Laxmi Nagar metro station. Summer and winter dresses, artificial stone jewellery, wedding attires, party wears, footwear, electronic goods, and books can be bought at very affordable rates in the market. The market is always over-crowded with college students due to a large number of PG accommodations in the area for single boys and girls. If you are in Delhi, you must look for a book in Laxmi Market before searching them online. Books of almost all publishers can be found at very affordable rates, and you also get the option of buying second-hand books at much cheaper rates.

Khan Market

Not everybody is into buying cheap items. Many of us are more inclined to brands at least for some items. If you are one among those who sometimes look for the high-standard market rather than the bargain markets then Khan Market will surely draw your attention. This is a U shaped market lined with branded showrooms, stationery shops, fashion boutiques, Khadi stores, shops for sports items etc. Just have the money in your pocket and you can find almost anything in Khan Market. The eating outlets of the market offer Indian, American, Mexican and Italian foods matching the taste of the visitors of the market.

In addition to these markets, there are many other good options such as Tibetan market, Gaffar Market, Palika Bazar, Nehru Place and Kamla Market. People of all income ranges can live in Delhi happily at their budget.


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