Steps involved in creating fingerprint jewellery


Buy fingerprint jewellery if you want something unique. To have it, you need a mould of your fingertip or that of your loved one. Designing silver fingerprint jewellery is not easy. There are a lot of steps involved in doing so.

To create the mould, a special moulding putty is used. This captures those little details of your fingerprint. It will then be used in creating the replica of the fingerprint which will later be used to imprint on the chosen metal, like silver. Once the jewellery is done, it will be delivered to you. Usually, the mould is also given back along with the jewellery. The cast is kept by the jeweller though just in case you want more later.

Ordering online

It is quite difficult finding a local store that sells this type of jewellery. With online stores, it is easy for you to just have any fingerprint jewellery design that you want. The process involved is also the same. Since you cannot be there to have your fingerprint taken, the mould will be sent first to you before you send it back. You will also be given instructions so you can do the process on your own. If the store has a local branch near you, it is also possible for you to go there to have your fingerprint mould taken.

Since this is pretty-much customised jewellery, you can also choose the overall design. If it is a bracelet, you can decide what type of metal to use. You can even have your initials engraved on the bracelet itself so you can make this jewellery even more personalised.

Perfect for anything

Once your order has arrived, just give it a try and you will definitely love it. You can wear it on any occasion. This type of jewellery would be perfect for an everyday look or for special events. You can wear it with a simple shirt and jeans or you can also wear it for formal evening wear. Mixing and matching any outfit to go with this jewellery is very easy. Regardless of your choice, you will definitely look stunning.

Invest in this type of jewellery to capture special moments. It might look simple at first, but you wear it mostly because of its value. Imagine having the fingerprint of a loved one who is far from you on that jewellery. Even if you are far apart, it seems like you are still near each other. A part of this person is literally on your body. You may even have it as an heirloom. You can pass the jewellery from one generation to another so that even when you are gone, your memory lives on and a part of you still exists.


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