Minimizing costly ecommerce mistakes


Pretty much everything in life worth doing comes with a degree of risk. Ecommerce stores have a unique position in the consumer world. Some aspects make starting an ecommerce business less risky, such as lower overhead. Others, like the potential for fraud and hacking make it more dicey.

The good news is minimizing these costly ecommerce mistakes is simply a matter of proactive thinking and paying attention. After all, actions like double checking prices and inventory on hand can be easy to do. Further, there are lots of security measures you can put in place to ward off interlopers. These tips will put you on the road to becoming the best e-store vendor around.

Security Concerns

Operating an online business means keeping an eye out for weak spots in security. Brick-and-mortar businesses utilize security systems and alarms to keep their goods and cash safe. Your ecommerce store has to do the same thing.

As a start, make sure your platform and hosting service adhere to the PCI guidelines to protect credit card numbers from being stolen from your site. You will also need to encrypt your website so cyber crooks can’t spy on your customers. Luckily, the best ecommerce platform providers, like Shopify, have these defense features built right in. Check to make sure yours is one of them.

Make Your Contact Info Handy

Another damaging mistake is overlooking contact and “about us” pages. Making it too hard for customers to find contact information will cost you sales. When a business is operating on the up and up, the owner encourages customers to reach out. Those discouraging customer interaction come across as untrustworthy—or amateurish at best. A customer with a question or concern needs to be able to find contact information painlessly. In fact, an angry customer that contacts a business easily and gets a prompt response to their concerns might be won over for life. A previously happy customer who spends 20 minutes in search of an email address might be turned off forever.

Big on Branding

Few things are as important to your business as its branding. Weakly branded businesses flounder. There’s a reason jingles and slogans get stuck in everyone’s heads. That’s branding and it’s important. A well-branded business becomes the first name in their field. Think of common household purchases, then think of which brand comes to mind before any others. Branding has an incredibly amount of power when it’s done right. Logos, specific colors, and even types of font can be made so iconic that they can’t be separated from their brand. If you take advantage of this for your site you will see positive results.

Minimizing Mistakes

One of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve is to ask lots of questions and do research. Find other small business owners and pick their brains about how they handled things. Conducting an enterprise ecommerce solutions comparison will help you find the right situation without suffering errors when you’re considering a platform provider.

Take Your Time—Do It Right

Don’t be afraid to be a bit cautious when starting a new business. There are ways to get a feel for the market and what people are looking for. Having a great product is important but more important is a product that people want. Getting locked into a singular idea and not listening to what the market is saying is a rookie mistake that gets made often. Part of success in a retail business is paying attention to demands.

Your Primary Objective

The trick to minimizing costly ecommerce mistakes is keeping ahead of the issues. Payng proper attention to detail, maintaining a secure platform and branding well can make the difference between success and failure. Listening to customers and giving them an avenue for contact helps boost trust. And frankly, all of these aspects should be taken into account anyway.

A good business owner already knows that.

A soon-to-be-good business owner will learn it quickly.


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