8 places that everyone should visit in Costa Brava


People like to go on trips so that they can explore the beauty of the world. Some international destinations receive a lot of limelight whereas some remain as hidden gems. Spain has always been a famous tourist destination. Its natural beauty and the distinct culture have always appealed to people. They do want to spend weeks in villas in Costa Brava or roam the streets of Barcelona. But today, we will focus on discovering a little more about Costa Brava and its places. So, let us begin.

About Costa Brava:

Costa Brava is situated in north-eastern Spain in the coastal region of Catalonia. It was mainly developed in the hope that people will take it as a holiday destination. Several tourists flock to the area on a yearly basis. The climate of the place is quite soothing along with the beach destination. Costa Brava stands for rugged coasts due to the formations that you may find near it. The rivers Muga, Fluvia, Ter and Todera flow through the place making it even more beautiful. Several museums can be found all over the place. The people mainly speak Spanish and Catalan and very few speak English. A presence of variety in wildlife and nature can also be seen at the place. People may choose to visit the natural parks that have been set up in the area. Let us know about some of the interesting places that one may visit when they are in Costa Brava.

Places to see in Costa Brava:

We cannot include every place in Costa Brava. So, we will have the notable places that everyone should visit when they are at the place. Here are those places:

• Tossa de Mar: This is an amazing town inside Costa Brava. When you are on the beach you will see the ocean by the side of a medieval castle. That is why several people visit the Tossa de Mar beach. Other than that there are two more beaches, the La Mar Menuda and the El Codolar beach. Other than these, one can also visit The Ancient Hospital of Saint Miquel, the Parish church and the Roman villa of Ametllers.

• Pals: The hearty little place has a medieval touch to it because of the architecture. When in the town, one may visit the historical village which gives an insighintout the place. One may also go on a rice tour which talks about the local gastronomy. The town is a part of the Natural Park which makes it an amazing place for wildlife lovers. Also, the beach of Pals stands out among other beaches. There is an amalgamation of the ocean and natural greenery on the beach. The beaches aren’t that crowded, so people can definitely enjoy a nice time.

• Camino de Ronda: When you see this place you will get awestruck by its natural beauty. Most people choose to hike to this place to see it in the best possible way. It is a coastal route that had historical significance at an earlier age. Now, it is a connection to beaches and a way for tourists to appreciate it. People can experience the blue ocean thrashing on the rugged coast of the place. It is a photogenic and serene place that everybody will enjoy.

• Cala Pola: If you want to lie on the beach for long hours then this is the perfect destination. The beach has a natural setting and people will love the peaceful nature. People have also formed some campsites in the place to increase tourist attraction. You will definitely love the setting of the place.

• Begur: This is another homely town that has an amazing look to it. It has a small population of inhabitants but it gets crowded during the g holiday season. It does have medieval remains that one can check out. People will also love the buildings present in the area.

• Figueras: Salvador Dali was an important icon who left a part of him in Costa Brava. This town has a museum that is dedicated to the man and houses some important works. But apart from that, it also has remnants of its medieval past in form of the old town. Many festivals are also held in this town. People can also visit the Bay of Roses and the San Fernando Castle when they visit the town.

• Gerona: When you visit this town you will feel giddy and nostalgic. It still holds that former vibe of a Spanish place. The houses by the river are all pastecoloreded which gives enhances its beauty. Some notable places to see in this town are the Cathedral of Gerona and the Jewish Quarter. Also, the TV show Game of Thrones filmed their 6th season at this place.

• Llafranc: If you want to be away from the hustle bustle of tourists then you may choose to visit this quaint town. It is a very small town with minimal population and remains in pristine condition. The beaches are perfect and you may also indulge in some tours of the historical places.

So, here are some places that one should definitely visit in Costa Brava. The place is very nice and tourists can enjoy the place while sipping on some wine. It is a carefree beach place where one can lose himself to enjoy the mood. We hope that the suggestions will help you in discovering the amazing destinations in Costa Brava.


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