Visiting New Zealand in July? Here’s 11 things you must carry


Are you finally ticking off New Zealand from your bucket list? Congratulations, way to go! But, before commencing your trip, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. For instance, July is the coldest month in New Zealand, and you need to carry the right things to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free holiday.
To help you with this, we have created a list of eleven items that are must for you to carry on your trip to New Zealand.

1.- The Right Backpack

You will need a backpack to pack all the essential travel items. It is going to be your ideal companion throughout the trip, and you will be carrying it with you all the time, hence, invest in high quality and comfortable backpack. Choose the right size and ensure that it is durable enough to last the entire trip.

2.- Daypack

Once you land in New Zealand, you might be taking many day trips across the country. This is when you will need a daypack. It is smaller in size than a backpack and should ideally fit a wallet, phone, water bottle, a couple of clothes and important documents.

3.- Woollens

The month of July is going to be extremely cold for you. Make sure you pack lots of woollens. You need to include a jacket, thermals, sweaters, hoodies and long-sleeved t-shirts.
If you plan on doing any outdoor activity, carry gloves, mufflers and a woollen cap.

4.- Boots

Sturdy footwear is a must while travelling to New Zealand. The country is all about outdoor activities which involve a lot of hiking.
There are multiple hiking trails, and your boots are going to be your best friend during the trip.

5.- Travel Towel

Whether you travel to New Zealand or any other place, a fast-drying travel towel is a must. There is nothing as annoying as a constantly wet towel.
Pick a microfiber travel towel that easily dries up and is light in weight. Replace the cotton travel with a durable and high quality fast drying travel towel.

6.- Adapter Plug

If you forget to carry an adapter plug, you will have to buy one from New Zealand. There is a three-pin adapter which is in use there.
Pick an adapter that is not very bulky, and which is affordable since you might not use it after you return from the trip.

7.- Insect repellant

Although there might not be too many bugs during winters, it is advisable to carry an insect repellant with you always. Pick a quality insect repellant that will last you throughout the trip.

8.- Multi-Plug

If you are carrying your smartphone, laptop, hair straightener, iPad and camera, you need to pack a multi-plug. You will only require one plug adapter, and the rest of the electrical items can be plugged into the multi-plug you are carrying. You can carry it inside your backpack at all times.

9.- Enough Cash

You cannot travel to any country without carrying cash. The currency in New Zealand is ‘New Zealand Dollar’, and you need to bring enough to last you for the first few days. You can then use the bank account or the online payment method once you settle down.

10.- Medication

Carry all prescribed medicines and ensure that you have enough supply to last throughout the stay.
In addition to prescribed medicines, it is essential to carry routine medication for fever, cold, and cough.

11.- Overseas Travel Insurance

Last but not the least, overseas travel insurance is must before you travel to New Zealand. If you meet an accident or fall ill, overseas travel insurance can ensure that you get the best quality medical care and you can be moved, either to a better medical facility or back home, if needed.
Apart from this, overseas travel insurance will also reimburse for your loss/theft of baggage, flight cancellations, emergency accommodation, loss of passport etc.
Simply put, you will be reimbursed for your expenses and losses, and you won’t lose money due to hotel or airline blunder, or a thief’s wrongdoings. Hence, if you are travelling overseas, taking out travel insurance is highly recommended.

The Bottom Line:

Prepare a checklist of the items you must carry in order to ensure that you do not forget anything last minute. Finally, carry your overseas travel insurance to have comfortable and stress-free travel.


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