Curate your own style with these easy wardrobe tips


Fashion houses went from having two collections a year and now feature six or more. The middle-market fashion brands or fast fashion companies put out new items every week. There are more garments to go through than ever before in history, and this choice is actually hurting our ability to be unique and develop our own sense of style. It is all too easy to fall into trends because there are so many pieces in retail stores now that going through all of them is a feat in itself. Rather than wear what everyone else is wearing, however, curate your own unique style with these easy wardrobe tips:

Sort Through What You Have

Before you can make any sort of wardrobe improvements, you must first go through what you currently have. Whether you have a modest wardrobe or its full to the brim does not matter; you likely have pieces you don’t wear. These pieces are taking up prime real estate within your wardrobe and must be removed. That is why your first step should be sort through them by:

  1. Items you love and wear often
  2. Items you don’t wear that are in good condition
  3. Items in disarray

Items you love and wear often should be returned to your closet, items that are in good condition but you don’t like can be sold or donated, and the rest should be recycled or thrown away. Once you have done this closet de-clutter, then you can work on improving your wardrobe.

Make Your Wardrobe a Work of Art

Getting dressed should be a luxury experience. The more positive you feel about putting together outfits, after all, the more time and effort you will put into the activity. This effort pays off in more ways than one. Looking great, after all, is only second to how those clothes make you feel. Improve your wardrobe by either installing a custom storage solution, by bringing them out of the closet onto a beautiful clothing rack and otherwise organizing them so that you can easily see what you own and make better outfit decisions as a result.

Tips for Buying New

Shopping will never go away, especially when it allows us to get a thrill and to give our wardrobes new life. The key when shopping, however, is to be very critical of what you see. Do you like it just because you’ve seen it multiple times in magazines or on the street? Or do you like it because it personally speaks to you. By listening to the second voice you can ensure that every purchase you make is one that will make you happy beyond this season. Another key consideration to make before you buy anything is the quality. That is why shopping at a department store for the best brands at the best prices (including those with financing options) can help you stay in budget while buying the best pieces, in terms of quality and style.Showcasing your creativity and personality through what you wear is an act of self-love. When you look great, you feel great, which is why everyone should consider bettering their wardrobe with these tips so that your creativity can take center stage.


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