Help your kid write a letter to Santa Claus


Every kid loves Santa. They wait patiently the entire year for Santa to come and visit them with his reindeers and sleigh. They find him so magical and communicating with him would really be a fantastic experience.

Writing a letter to him is not as easy as it may seem. So how do you teach your kid to write a letter to the man in the red suit? Here, let me give you some tips.

Bring the Christmas spirit

It will be much easier for kids to write a letter to Santa if they are in the mood for it. You may want to play some Christmas songs and bake Christmas cookies for them for a start. Also, you may want to take your child out shopping, so they can pick some special paper and some cute decorations for their letter.

Teach them basic writing etiquette

Santa loves manners, so you may want to use this to teach your child proper writing etiquette. Let them start with a greeting and then ask Santa how he is. Include a short description of how good your child has been the entire year. You may also want them to ask about Mrs. Claus and the reindeers.

Start writing down their wish list

Children are often uncertain of the gift they want to receive, so you may want to provide them with some options. You may suggest that they draw the things they would like to receive and rank them based on what they like the most. You may also encourage your kids to write something down for someone else; by doing so, it will teach them the spirit of sharing.

Thank Santa in advance

As a well behaved and polite child, they should be able to thank Santa early on for the gift they are most likely to receive on Christmas Eve. And don’t forget to sign the letter, okay?

Santa’s address

Of course, Santa has an official address.

Santa/Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto
Reindeer land

Make sure that you drop the letter in the post office and include a stamp. You may also want to check some other requirements before dropping off the letter.

Wait for Santa’s reply

This will be the tricky part. As parents, we are pretty sure that Santa will not reply to our kid’s letter, right? So how do you make this work? You may want to look at some of the letter from Santa UK options available, where your kids receive a reply from Santa, or you may want to write as Santa to your kids.

Christmas is indeed the most awaited holiday by children and we should make each Christmas count for them. Whether that includes writing a letter to someone that is fictional or as simple as giving them presents, we should find ways to make them feel special.

Christmas happens once in a year and it wouldn’t take much of your busy schedule to prepare for it to make sure that the kids will enjoy it, and pretty sure, you’ll enjoy it too.


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