SEO is changing and you should not lose sight of some trends


Although some large companies do not give importance, SEO is still a key factor in the online strategy of most companies. Achieving a good position in search engines is, in short, what will make you find those users who are looking for a particular product or service.

Appearing in the top positions is crucial, since approximately 42% of users click on the first result of the search, 12% in the second and 9% in the third (although some studies consider the percentage of clicks in the first result it is even greater).

While there are other strategies in online marketing that can capture new customers, SEO should not be neglected. But what should we do to achieve a good position? Is it enough to use keywords and include links, images and videos at this stage of the game?

Among SEO professionals, these are the most established trends that brands should follow when designing a digital marketing strategy.

The keywords are not everything

While keywords are still important and you have to know when and where to use them, SEO is changing and they are not the only factor that determines positioning. Now, not only do the words we use matter, but the story we tell. It is much richer to provide the user with content with added value than writing keywords separately.

Invest in mobile solutions

Between 51% and 60% of searches were made from mobile browsing last year. And it is not an isolated tendency: it is a habit that has been growing constantly during the last four years. Therefore, improving the mobile interface of a website is essential.

The importance of rich snippets

For those who do not know what we are talking about, rich snippers are summary descriptions of a site, which search engine engines extract when they summarize the results, along with the URL.

An attractive snippet, with elements such as stars, photographs, videos or buttons will attract the attention of the user and increase the CTR, even when the position it occupies is not among the first ones.

The loading speed of our website

A non-responsive website is annoying, but those that take a long time to load are even worse. Users seek access to information easily and quickly, without having to wait for images or text to load.

That’s why it’s important not to fill a website with unnecessary toolbars or high-resolution images that will only slow you down. It is key to optimize the site, from the server to the content.

Artificial Intelligence will change the way we do SEO

Last but not least, as virtual assistants become more popular, it will also change the way we think about our SEO strategy. Now we will have to start thinking about how chatbots look for information. In the not too distant future we will communicate via voice with the virtual assistants and they will be the ones who will give us the solution to any doubt. Today, Google takes us to a website where we will find the answer to our question, but in the future the assistants will give us the answer directly, and it is fundamental to know how to “convince” them that our offer is the right one.


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