The best penultimate generation Android phones


The mobile phone market remains extremely competitive even in times of pandemic and this week two of the season’s star phones were released.

On the one hand, Google insists on its range of Pixel phones and presents the Google Pixel 4a, which is a great mid-range phone but finds great competition from all Android’s manufacturers who are generally able to offer the same or better handsets at a lower price.

On the other hand, Apple has made a strategic move that will surely allow it to sweep the mid-range: it has just announced its iPhone SE, which is a reduced version of its top-of-the-range phones but with a price starting at four hundred dollars, which will almost certainly take a significant share of this market niche.

Flying smartphone

But there is still one more option, why not take advantage of last year’s models that are now on the shelves at a reduced price? Look at these below; they are all sensational phones and now you don’t have to pay the novelty bonus to get hold of them.

OnePlus 7T
It’s one of the best mobiles of 2019. Although it does not surpass the others in almost any of the categories, if you are looking for a very fast terminal, with an excellent system, the 7T will give you a phenomenal experience.

Xiaomi My 9T Pro
It remains an excellent alternative to the Realme X2 Pro, while being cheaper. It has a similar 4,000 mAh battery, but having a 60Hz panel will last longer. If you’re not going to play, the E9T will give you the same results in all areas not related to performance.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ E
Is one of the best and most complete Android smartphones on the market, with a modern design, the best screen on the market, a powerful processor, on-screen fingerprint reader and still 3 back cameras that will allow you to take pictures in different scenarios. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ E still has the audio jack, and its front camera is one of the best and it is an excellent alternative because of its price that has been reduced.

Samsung A71
This terminal is the top version of last year’s A70. It doesn’t have the best performance you’ll find on a $400 Android phone, but it does have a large 6.7″ Super AMOLED screen. It’s Samsung, and those who don’t want to buy a Chinese phone like Xiaomi, Huawei, or RealMe, will go for it because they’re comfortable with the brand.

Samsung Galaxy Note9
For a long time the Note9 was the best phablet on the market, but today 6.4 screens are the “norm”. This terminal is an S9+ but with a better battery and the S-Pen, which is great, especially now that it is Bluetooth.

LG G8 ThinQ
The G8 was another failure for LG in terms of units sold, but considering its specifications and the current price of less than $400, it’s actually quite good. Snapdragon 855, good OLED screen, decent cameras… but once again, it doesn’t convince us in any particular area. Mind you, for this price, it’s one of the only ones with water resistance, which many people will appreciate.

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact
Although it has been launched on the market for some years, it is still the only one to have a 5″ screen. It is one of the smallest mobiles on the market, and knowing that there are not many like it anymore, we must recommend it as an alternative.

Nokia 5.1 Plus
This Nokia is not a recent handset, but for just over $100 it’s still a good option if you’re looking for a recent handset and with Android One.


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