Thousands of Cubans line up in search of food despite the Covid-19


Many Havanese live trapped at a crossroads: either they suffer from hunger or they catch Covid-19. Extensive queues and crowds of people every day, trying to get food, is the image that contrasts with the spread of the pandemic and the social isolation on the island.

A tour of Havana’s neuralgic points, where these agglomerations play a leading role every day, exemplified by the municipalities of Plaza, Habana Vieja and Centro Habana, showed that the state of opinion converges that the regime is overwhelmed, not so much because of the expansion of the pandemic, but because it insists on reusing a policy and economic rhetoric based on stagnant ideologies.

Havana car

Without even the certainty of reaching any of the goods available in the shopping malls, despite the fact that all products are rationed by decree, thousands of Havana residents take the risk of catching Covid-19.

It is impossible to stock the family pantry for a week. The government authorities have not been able to create a systematized and regular distribution network for food and basic necessities. At most you find enough food for two or maybe three days, not more. This means that, at least every seventy-two hours, thousands and thousands of Havana residents are exposed and make up a significant focus of the spread of the epidemic due to the government’s inability to do so.

In early April, government authorities decreed the closure of large stores, and directed the sale of only food and hygiene products, and promised, in order to reduce people’s mobility, to supply stores near homes in each community in response to the expansion of Covid-19.


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