Death toll rises to 23 in the worst shooting in Canadian history


The death toll in Canada’s bloodiest weekend shooting in rural Nova Scotia, in the east of the country, stood at 23 on Tuesday after four new fatalities were discovered in the last hours.

Canadian authorities also confirmed Tuesday that the alleged shooter, Gabriel Wortman, a 51-year-old dental technician, carried out the killing dressed in a genuine Canadian Mounted Police uniform.

Canada shooting murder

Wortman, who drove around for hours in a vehicle resembling a Mounted Police patrol car, died on Sunday during an armed confrontation with security forces.

The latest fatalities were among the charred remains of several homes, which Wortman set on fire during his attack in several small communities in the province of Nova Scotia on Canada’s Atlantic coast.

In total, Canadian police are investigating 16 locations where Wortman carried out attacks. The deaths occurred in the communities of Portapique, Debert, Shubencadle and Enfield.


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