UK human trials of coronavirus vaccine begin tomorrow


British Health Minister Matt Hancock has announced that the UK will begin human trials of a coronavirus vaccine on Thursday. He did so during the British government’s daily press conference on COVID-19, where he said that developing a vaccine is “an uncertain science,” according to Sky News.


The scientists at the Jenner Institute, of the University of Oxford, are developing the British vaccine against COVID-19, and they have stated that it has an 80 percent chance of success. Oxford University, which will start production of doses before the trial is complete, wants to have one million doses available by September. In addition, Imperial College London is also conducting a trial of the potential vaccine.

The British Health Minister said that both institutions are making “rapid progress” and that the Executive will support them “until the end”. “At the same time, we are going to invest in manufacturing capacity, so if any of these vaccines work safely, we can make them available to the British people as soon as humanly possible,” he concluded.


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