“Clean hands, dirty underpants”: the French shower less during confinement


Today a curious survey was published on the behaviour of the French during confinement. France declared a state of health emergency on 24th March and a month later new habits among the French are already being studied.

According to the IFOP poll for “24 matins” only 67% of the French surveyed say they wash themselves “completely” at least once a day. And even though they are lucky enough to be able to do sport every day, their isolation is more “exercised” than elsewhere.

Another conclusion is that men wash less than women. Hence the survey in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is entitled: “Clean hands, dirty underwear”.

Empty Paris garden

According to the data from this survey, 74% of the women interviewed claim to wash themselves completely every day, while only 61% of the French do so.

One of the main changes is that before confinement, only 19% of French women admitted to showering less than once a day, and this has now increased to 26%.

It is also curious that men have confessed that they do not change their underwear every day. Only 68% of respondents do so. Before confinement, 73% changed their clothes every day. As for French women, 91% changed their underwear every day during the pandemic. Before the arrival of Covid-19 and the confinement, 94% did so.


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