Crash Bandicoot Mobile is here, nitro-launch imminent!


It had been known for a few months: Crash Bandicoot would have a mobile game developed by King, but no release date or plans for the short-term release of Crash Bandicoot Mobile had been specified. By surprise, the game has been soft-launched in some iOS and Android markets, so it is very likely that the title will reach new countries in the next few days and will not delay its release in Spain or Latin America.

The game looks great. It is an endless-run starring Crash Bandicoot that maintains many of the most recognizable elements of the franchise created by Naughty Dog. With King’s command in its development, simple and intuitive optimization is guaranteed to enjoy the new adventures of Crash on mobile phones, battling new and classic enemies of the franchise in a new territory for the beloved character.

The Crash Bandicoot saga, on the other hand, is going through a sweet moment: the franchise returned in style with the remake Crash N.Sane Trilogy that ended up with millions of units sold among nostalgic people all over the world. His successful career, never better said, continued with the launch of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, which also had great success among players and critics. King’s new move into mobile can catapult him into uncharted territory for the marsupial. Will his streak continue?


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