First death in Venezuela during looting and hunger protests


“Murió por hambre” (“Died of starvation”). A chalk painting, next to a pool of the blood of Charlis Antonino Núñez (29 years old), symbolizes today the social fire that has been unleashed in several points of deep Venezuela. The Conflict Observatory has confirmed the murder of Núñez, produced by two bullet impacts on the head during the Upata riots (Bolivar state, border with Brazil).

Another young man, shot in the neck, and a 15-year-old boy were also wounded, also by bullets. About 30 people remain in police custody after the incidents, “an attempt at violence and looting,” according to the Bolivarian National Guard.

The demonstrators accuse the local police of savagely repressing the hundreds of people who, in desperation, took to the streets in the last few hours and looted half a dozen shops and a supermarket. The famous government paramilitaries also took part in the police operation, using their motorcycles despite the acute shortage of gasoline.

The tension in Cumanacoa on Wednesday spread to other parts of the country. In the municipality of Sucre, hundreds of people went from protesting to searching for food, which led to the looting of a butcher shop and several other stores. At least seven people were injured.


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